Providing Information Will Boost Your Web Site

Providing Information Will Boost Your Web Site

I was at​ a​ meeting the​ other day when one member of​ the​ audience came up to​ chat to​ me after I had given my presentation. 'I agree with what you told us,' she said, 'but it​ only applies to​ some people. After all in​ my business there's nothing I can turn into an​ ebook.' Within a​ minute of​ chatting to​ me she had developed two ideas for​ ebooks.

Now, I'm not saying I'm some kind of​ miracle worker. However, often I discover that many people who run their own business can't see the​ wood for​ the​ trees. They are so tied up in​ delivering solutions to​ their existing customers, they can't see what else might be possible. as​ an​ example, I was talking to​ a​ chap from the​ Midlands the​ other day who runs a​ plastic mouldings company. He said to​ me that my ideas for​ ebooks only work in​ the​ service industry and​ they they couldn't possibly work within his sector.

A few minutes later we had developed an​ idea for​ an​ ebook which he is​ now going off to​ get written. as​ a​ search term, "plastic mouldings" gets around 45 searches a​ day in​ the​ UK. at​ the​ moment his web site gets almost none of​ those searches; instead his web site exists as​ a​ brochure to​ people in​ the​ know - largely existing customers. What this means is, his web site is​ missing important traffic that could provide business.

So, now he is​ writing an​ ebook on the​ theme of​ 'how to​ use plastic and​ save the​ environment'. He will be making this available free of​ charge - but he could add future ebooks for​ which he will charge, such as​ 'how to​ specif icy projects using plastic'. Now, he's not going to​ become a​ millionaire selling such ebooks. But the​ free ebook will attract traffic he might otherwise have lost and​ the​ paid for​ ebook will finance his Google AdWords campaigns. the​ result will be much more traffic to​ his web site at​ no cost, perhaps even at​ a​ profit. Suddenly, my chap from the​ Midlands realised that the​ key to​ unlocking the​ future success of​ his company was selling information.

Like many people, he has begun to​ realise that Internet users are mostly searching for​ information. We sometimes forget that when the​ Internet really started to​ take off, just ten years ago, it​ was called 'the Information Superhighway'. Nowadays, it​ is​ largely the​ 'brochure superhighway'. Having a​ web site which is​ just a​ brochure for​ your business is​ only going to​ get you so far. to​ take that next step upwards to​ greater online success you need to​ be trading in​ information.

Much of​ the​ information you provide could be free; but it​ needs to​ be practical, useful information targeted specifically to​ particular groups of​ people. Some of​ the​ information you provide could be sold; that will provide you with an​ additional income stream you previously might not have thought about.

Information marketing is​ an​ essential component of​ any business online these days. Without marketing information you will not gain as​ much success as​ you would do. Indeed, I spoke with one marketing guru the​ other day who has dramatically changed his business, based on just two months of​ testing online. He had one web site where he tweaked the​ keywords and​ did all the​ optimisation tricks he could. He had another web site which he didn't optimise but for​ which he wrote several articles and​ got them published widely around the​ Internet. Guess what? the​ information won hands down against optimisation; more links, more clicks, higher ranking.

Providing information is​ essential online. Whether it's in​ the​ form of​ ebooks, specialist web sites, email courses or​ traditional books and​ reports is​ neither here nor there. You need to​ be in​ the​ information business to​ attract interest in​ your main business.

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