Pros And Cons Of Using Mini Storage Auctions For Profit

Pros And Cons Of Using Mini Storage Auctions For Profit

Pros and​ Cons of​ Using Mini Storage Auctions for​ Profit
Are you interested in​ making money with mini storage auctions? if​ so, you are not alone .​
Many individuals are finding the​ buying and​ reselling of​ goods bought at​ these auctions to​ be a​ relatively easy way to​ make money .​
But, is​ it​ the​ right opportunity for​ you?
Mini storage auctions are increasing in​ frequency .​
This has a​ lot do with the​ economy today .​
Many are forced to​ leave their big homes and​ relocate to​ a​ smaller home or​ an​ apartment .​
This often results in​ the​ renting of​ a​ storage unit .​
Unfortunately, the​ economy is​ also making it​ harder for​ renters to​ stay up-to-date on their bills .​
as​ sad as​ this is, it​ does mean more self-storage auctions for​ you to​ profit from .​
Depending on where you reside, you may be able to​ attend a​ different public storage auction every weekend!
It is, however, important to​ state that there is​ some risk involved with mini storage auctions .​
Why? Because you don’t always get to​ see what you are bidding on .​
Many times, you just get to​ peek inside the​ unit from outside the​ door .​
That is​ why it​ is​ recommended that you bring a​ flashlight .​
Yes, you may walk away with valuable jewelry or​ antique furniture that you can resell for​ a​ profit, but you may also walk away with family mementos.
Despite the​ possibility of​ a​ risk, there is​ a​ good chance that you can make a​ profit .​
Many make around $1,000 for​ each storage unit that they purchase .​
Remember that your goal is​ to​ make a​ profit, so even if​ you make only $200, you still made money .​
On that same note, some lucky bidders have seen profits as​ high as​ $50,000 or​ more .​
So, how do you become one of​ those lucky bidders? Through trial and​ error.
As previously stated, mini storage auctions can be risky, as​ you don’t always get to​ see or​ inspect what you are bidding on .​
You can, however, use your best judgment and​ look for​ telltale signs .​
Bring a​ flashlight with you and​ look inside real quick .​
You may only have a​ few seconds to​ do so, but look for​ items that are large in​ size, like furniture or​ household appliances .​
These items can almost always be resold .​
Look for​ boxes with moving company names or​ logos .​

Another pro or​ plus side to​ using self-storage auctions to​ make a​ profit is​ the​ reselling options that you have .​
You can list your items for​ sale on an​ online classified website, like, sell on an​ online bidding site, like, rent a​ table a​ flea market, or​ host your own hard sale .​
as​ for​ what option is​ the​ best, it​ depends on what you have to​ sell .​
Large items, such as​ furniture and​ home appliances, can be costly and​ difficult to​ ship, so you may see the​ best luck selling them locally .​

If you have never attended a​ mini storage auction before, you may want to​ see what one is​ like .​
Even if​ you don’t plan on bidding, be sure to​ have cash on hand .​
While watching the​ action, you may spot an​ antique out of​ the​ corner of​ your eye that no one else seems to​ notice .​
Attending a​ self-storage auction just as​ a​ bystander can give the​ needed confidence to​ start bidding at​ the​ next auction .​

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