Pros And Cons Of Buying Used Harley Davidson Part

In the event where you need a​ replacement part for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you either find a​ brand new part or​ a​ used one to​ replace the defective part. Both can be done of​ course but let us focus our attention on the used Harley-Davidson part.

When we say used Harley-Davidson part, we mean part that has been installed and has served some time on other Harley-Davidson. Now, here’s the question: “Is it​ okay to​ use used Harley-Davidson parts?”

To lay the answers clearly, here are the pros and cons of​ buying used Harley-Davidson parts.


Cheap - it​ is​ always certain that when we buy anything that is​ used, the price is​ always cheaper than the brand new one. The case of​ used Harley-Davidson part is​ no different. They are a​ lot cheaper than buying brand new parts. And considering that new Harley-Davidson parts are expensive, used ones are best buys.

Warranty - No store that aims to​ maintain long business would sell defective parts without providing warranty. Since used Harley-Davidson parts can have malfunction or​ would not work at​ all, these store would tend to​ give their costumers the assurance that they would get their money’s worth through the said warranty.

Sites – There are numerous online and offline stores that offer used Harley-Davidson parts. All you have to​ do is​ to​ visit one of​ them and see what you are looking for.

Inventory – There are sites that offer thousands of​ available used Harley-Davidson part. All you have to​ do is​ to​ search for a​ particular part you need and you will certainly get at​ least one.

Availability of​ rare parts – if​ you will going to​ check on the different sites that offer used Harley-Davidson parts, you would notice that you can get some parts that are no longer manufactured. This means, if​ you have a​ 1956 Harley and are looking for a​ particular part of​ that same year and model, used Harley-Davidson part store is​ the best place to​ go.


Questionable quality – Since used parts have already run on other Harley-Davidson, deterioration on the part especially the moving parts have occurred. as​ a​ result, the quality of​ the parts can be questionable. But, this would not go for all. Most parts are still in​ great condition. as​ was said, no store that aims to​ maintain long business would sell defective parts without providing warranty. So, if​ you want to​ make sure that you can use the money you spend, ask for warranties.

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