Proper Preventive Maintenance Starts With Knowing Your Restaurant

Proper Preventive Maintenance Starts With Knowing Your Restaurant Equipment

Several weeks ago, I was forced to​ replace a​ very expensive piece of​ equipment at​ my bistro. a​ convection oven that I inherited with the​ building suddenly stopped working. I called a​ repair service and​ the​ machinery medics were quickly dispatched. Unfortunately, the​ news was grim... I would need to​ purchase a​ replacement unit. the​ technicians that came out were unable to​ repair it. in​ fact, they had no idea why the​ unit had failed, only that they wouldn't be able to​ fix it. I contacted my restaurant equipment supplier, who, it​ turns out, had sold the​ now defunct unit to​ the​ previous owner. When I told him about the​ old unit and​ that I would need a​ replacement, I expected him to​ be ecstatic, knowing full well that my wallet was about to​ take a​ major hit. Instead, he surprised me by asking me a​ series of​ questions about the​ old unit.

With his help over the​ phone, we were able to​ get the​ unit up and​ running in​ about twenty minutes. That's pretty amazing, I think. the​ problem was caused by a​ lack preventive maintenance measures to​ the​ oven. We were under the​ impression that we were taking proper care of​ it, though in​ truth, I never bothered to​ check and​ see if​ there was more that we needed to​ be doing in​ the​ way of​ preventive maintenance.
A few days later, I got a​ letter from my equipment supplier, with specs on every piece of​ equipment in​ my restaurant, along with the​ necessary preventive maintenance measures that I should take with each one. the​ majority of​ these I already knew about, but there were a​ few I was unaware of. Since I received the​ letter, my staff has been performing all the​ recommended preventative maintenance measures and​ we really notice a​ difference on the​ pieces of​ equipment we were neglecting to​ take proper care of.

Preventive maintenance is​ important in​ the​ restaurant business, especially with the​ cost of​ replacing an​ expensive unit. the​ only way to​ take proper care of​ your equipment, however, is​ to​ know it​ well enough to​ know what preventive maintenance measures needs to​ be performed. I am grateful to​ my equipment supplier for​ helping me to​ realize that.

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