Promotional Products Vs Print Advertising

Promotional Products Vs Print Advertising

Promotional products VS Print advertising
Print advertising vs .​
Promotional Product advertising has many different characteristics .​
PRINT ADS will only carry the​ life
of the​ ad and​ are not considered effective advertising .​
Only effective on a​ repetitive basis .​
We have made a​ comparison of​
the 2 different types of​ advertising to​ attract customers for​ your business .​
Take a​ careful look .​

Very effective per cost Not very cost effective .​
The bigger the​ ad the​ more it​ costs
Average life of​ a​ product is​ 6-12 months or​ longer Average life of​ an​ ad is​ only the​ time its run .​
Constant advertising always front of​ your customer Customers only see it​ once .​
Small ads are ineffective .​
Product may be past to​ another customer Customer most likely won't pass on a​ print ad .​
Customers need to​ see you an​ average of​ 7 times Customers only see it​ once
Average life of​ a​ product is​ 6-12 months or​ longer There is​ no life to​ a​ print ad .​
Advertising can actually multiply Print advertising doesn't create a​ multiplying effect
Helps customers customize there ad campaigns You can only customize to​ the​ extend of​ a​ piece of​ paper
Connects your customers to​ a​ unique memorable way .​
Not very unique .​
Only unique stated with words
A greater selection of​ advertising forms Not a​ wide selection .​
Different paper different sizes and​ colors
Convenience of​ your info in​ front of​ your customers Business cards are only convenient form then get tossed away
millions of​ advertising products to​ choose from .​
Very limited to​ what you can put on paper .​
With 1000 product you can reach 1000 customers Very expensive for​ multiple advertising ads, poor retention

Now you can't really argue these points .​
They are fact… Do you want to​ spend hundreds of​ dollars that are run once and​ then
thrown away .​
Most people are not going to​ cut your print ad out and​ then carry it​ with them all day, pull it​ out and​ look at​ it​
3-5 times a​ day .​
With Promotional product they will do this .​
Your product will be used by them everyday .​
Thus your name is​
in front of​ them everyday .​
We have NO OVERHEAD .​
This allows us to​ pass those savings on to​ our customers!!

If you are new to​ Promotional Product Advertising and​ are not sure what will work for​ you or​ your business .​
Please feel free
to contact me .​
I​ will help you develop a​ strong promotional campaign at​ NO COST TO YOU>
Richard a​ Kapsin
661-202-5990 PST fax 661-943-6429
Proline Promotionals
Palmdale California 93551

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