Programs Offered In The University Of Phoenix

Programs Offered In The University Of Phoenix

In the​ beginning a​ University was a​ University; a​ huge massive building radiating knowledge, authority and​ honor even from a​ far away distance. Today we are more interested in​ the​ concept of​ University rather than a​ huge institution made of​ stone. What we learn as​ well as​ the​ way we learn it, is​ what really concern us. the​ ‘virtual’ university has appeared; more and​ more of​ the​ traditional Universities have gone online, and​ are now offering higher education and​ academic degrees this way.

The University of​ Phoenix is​ one of​ the​ institutions that has national recognition for​ its excellence in​ education on campus and​ online. This University was started early in​ the​ 1970s. They provide quality and​ accountably higher education for​ the​ adults. Their approach to​ the​ courses is​ fresh and​ new so that they deliver quality education. There are many programs that are offered in​ this university.

They offer Degree programs, Certificate and​ Non-Degree Programs, as​ well as​ Military programs for​ their students. This university offers under graduate, Graduate, Associate, and​ Doctorate programs. if​ you don’t get admission in​ the​ law faculty of​ this college, you can approach the​ university of​ Houston law school for​ admission.

The type of​ program that is​ offered differs with the​ campus that is​ involved with the​ university. You can check out the​ different campuses for​ different programs. the​ undergraduate programs include Bachelor of​ Science programs in​ different disciplines like Business, Criminal Justice, Health, Management, Nursing, Organizational Security and​ Management, Education / Elementary Teacher Education, and​ Information Technology.

Associate of​ Arts in​ General Studies is​ an​ Associate program that if​ offered by the​ university. This program gives a​ strong foundation in​ social sciences, mathematics, humanities, and​ life sciences for​ the​ students who enroll to​ this program. the​ Graduate programs offer Masters of​ Arts in​ Education (different disciplines within Education), Masters of​ Business Administration, (different majors like accounting, e-business, global management, healthcare management, human resource management, marketing etc.) Master of​ Science, Master of​ Counseling etc. Business Administration, Management, Education, Health Administration are some of​ the​ discipline in​ which doctorate is​ awarded.

There are many Certificate programs offered in​ the​ University of​ Phoenix. These programs can be used to​ check your knowledge on a​ particular domain and​ also for​ better career opportunities. These programs are more useful for​ the​ working professionals so that they can take up these programs whenever they find time to​ study. for​ more details on the​ different programs offered you may check the​ website of​ the​ university.

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