Programs For Adult Dyslexia Audioblox 2000

Programs For Adult Dyslexia Audioblox 2000

Programs for​ Adult Dyslexia: Audioblox 2000

The Audioblox 2000 is​ a​ program that is​ based on the​ premise that the​ main problem is​ not the​ physical disability of​ the​ learner .​
The main problem is​ said to​ be the​ method on how the​ message is​ delivered and​ the​ learner’s preparation for​ it .​
This is​ just another one of​ the​ many methods how you can cope with your dyslexia.
How It Works
This method concentrates by working on the​ learning process’ basic tasks .​
It is​ believed that in​ able for​ a​ person to​ learn effectively, the​ educator should observe a​ sequence in​ teaching .​
Similar to​ scaffolding, one simple skill should be taught first, before teaching a​ more complicated one .​
Certain things should be known by the​ learner first, before he or​ she can learn other information .​
This prerequisite kind of​ system makes learning an​ organized system .​
The main objective of​ this program is​ to​ put into practice and​ automate your needed skills that lie beneath reading, writing, spelling, math and​ the​ whole process of​ acquiring more knowledge on different subject matters .​

Basically, Audiblox is​ comprised of​ a​ system of​ different cognitive exercises .​
These exercises are generally aimed for​ the​ development of​ your foundational learning skills .​
When you are trained in​ this kind of​ program, your foundational skills are developed .​
Additionally, they are automated .​
One fundamental skill that you need in​ able to​ learn is​ the​ ability to​ concentrate .​
Concentration is​ one important key in​ learning, because without it, you can not really achieve anything .​
You cannot grasp ideas or​ concepts if​ you are easily distracted .​
Optimal learning requires full concentration, or​ else, nothing is​ learned .​

Another needed skill is​ perception .​
This may be auditory, visual, and​ haptic .​
The way you perceive things would highly affect how you understand them and​ how you can use them appropriately with your everyday life.
Proprioception is​ yet another skill that you need .​
Discriminating, synthesizing, and​ analyzing by the​ use of​ foreground, background, size, form, color and​ position in​ space or​ time, is​ a​ skill that can be useful with your everyday life.

Memory should also be developed .​
Just think how can you remember what you are learning if​ you do not have any kind of​ memory .​
That is​ why all kinds of​ memory such as​ short term, long term, auditory and​ visual are considered to​ be invaluable .​
Most dyslexics have problems with short term memory .​
However, when they associate some words with other things such as​ colors, remembering becomes easier for​ them.
Decoding and​ Integration
Next is​ your ability to​ decode information .​
Additionally, you should be able to​ integrate this decoded information, so that you can synthesize your learning process .​
If you cannot decode information that is​ given to​ you, then acquisition of​ new information is​ hampered .​
The ability to​ understand the​ concept of​ numbers is​ also important .​
Today’s world revolves around math .​
Understanding simple number concepts is​ your first stepping stone in​ using numbers for​ daily application such as​ the​ use of​ money.

Motor Skills
Lastly, you also need your fine and​ gross motor skills .​
Body coordination is​ needed to​ perform simple tasks such as​ walking and​ difficult tasks such as​ writing .​
Flipping a​ page of​ a​ book already requires you good fine motor skills .​
Just think how you can learn without being able to​ simply turn a​ book’s page!

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