Programs And Methods In Milwaukee Schools

Milwaukee…home of​ the​ Packers and​ the​ Cheeseheads. it​ is​ also home of​ some very interesting programs within the​ Milwaukee Schools. Some of​ these programs include the​ TABS program (Truancy Abatement and​ Burglary Suppression), the​ Six Trait Writing Model, School Choice, and​ Chapter 220: the​ Voluntary Student Transfer Program.

The Six Trait Writing Model is​ a​ method used in​ Milwaukee Schools to​ teach writing. it​ was developed to​ give Milwaukee Schools’ writing teachers a​ uniform way to​ teach and​ evaluate writing. the​ six traits are as​ follows:

• Ideas: Refers to​ the​ content, or​ main theme. Can be considered the​ heart of​ the​ message.
• Organization: the​ internal structure of​ the​ writing (i.e. beginning, middle, end)
• Voice: the​ personal voice of​ the​ author comes through. This gives the​ reader the​ sense that a​ real person is​ speaking via the​ writing.
• Word Choice: the​ use of​ precise, colorful, and​ rich words to​ communicate.
• Sentence Fluency: the​ writing flows together, often with a​ rhythm or​ cadence.
• Conventions: Mechanical correctness, including spelling, grammar, and​ punctuation.

Teachers in​ Milwaukee Schools have found that giving children specific guidelines and​ expectations as​ they form a​ foundation of​ skills creates much more fluid, coherent and​ creative writers.

Another program instituted by Milwaukee Schools is​ Chapter 220, also known as​ the​ Voluntary Student Transfer Program. This program aims to​ racially integrate Milwaukee Schools within the​ district. Minority students (African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and​ Native Americans) may attend any of​ 23 suburban districts that participate in​ the​ program. the​ students may choose from schools depending upon the​ transportation region they live in. Available seats in​ the​ suburban district they wish to​ attend are also considered when approving the​ transfer request.

Another program that Milwaukee Schools offer is​ a​ variety of​ choices in​ types of​ schools:

1.Neighborhood Schools
2.Neighborhood Specialty Schools
3.Charter Schools
4.Citywide Specialty Schools
5.Contracted Agency Schools
6.Partnership Schools
7.Small High Schools
8.Other Schools

A fourth program instituted by the​ Milwaukee Schools is​ the​ TABS program. the​ Truancy and​ Burglary Suppression program is​ in​ place to​ intervene with students who are considered high-risk due to​ consistent absences. the​ TABS program began in​ Milwaukee Schools on November 29, 1993. the​ mission of​ TABS is​ to​ intervene with students who are truant, deterring them from involvement in​ criminal activities. This mission is​ accomplished through a​ collaborative team approach. Members of​ the​ team include the​ students themselves, their parents, their Milwaukee School, law enforcement, and​ the​ Boys and​ Girls Clubs of​ Greater Milwaukee. This program is​ carried out by a​ dedicated group of​ 10 professionals. the​ Milwaukee Police Department provides four officers who work in​ teams of​ two, combing the​ streets during the​ day, looking for​ truant students. the​ officers escort the​ students to​ one of​ two centers where the​ Milwaukee Schools provide two school liaisons who complete an​ initial evaluation with the​ student and​ access current attendance information. Authorities notify the​ student’s parents, and​ instruct them to​ come to​ the​ center to​ pick up their child. TABS also employs a​ Milwaukee Schools’ social worker who provides follow-up activities with habitual truants and​ their families.

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