Profitable Investing Goals The Number One Tip For Making Profitable Investments

Profitable Investing Goals The Number One Tip For Making Profitable

Profitable Investing Goals - The Number One Tip for Making Profitable Investments
Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Tiger Woods were great for a​ reason, they had goals .​
The same is​ true of​ those entering the investment field, have a​ goal in​ your career and set your mind to​ reach that goal .​
Before even making your first transaction in​ the world of​ stock investing you should ask yourself, what are you expecting to​ achieve?
Everybody likes to​ be charitable, but it​ has a​ place and a​ time and neither is​ found in​ the world of​ stock investing .​

Most investors simply want a​ good return on their investment .​
But what is​ considered a​ good return? Enough for retirement? If it​ is​ based on what they want for retirement the question becomes how long is​ it​ until retirement age? If it​ is​ in​ two years your investment strategy will be much different than for those who are retiring in​ 15 years time.
As an​ example, let's use me as​ a​ typical investor .​
40 years old with a​ decent income and the ability to​ invest $300 per month .​
We'll have to​ change my circumstances just a​ bit and imagine I​ have nothing in​ my portfolio but I​ want the ultimate dream - I​ want $1 million dollars to​ retire with .​
The question is, if​ I​ have the $300 available right now, is​ my target something I​ can hit?
Assuming that I​ can match - if​ not better - a​ stock index return wich is​ running at​ 10.4% annually, my sum would be worth roughly $380,000 by the time I​ get to​ retiring at​ 65 years young.
Damn - missed my $1,000,000 target!
To hit that level - I​ need to​ invest more than $300 per month .​
(To hit that I'd need a​ return of​ at​ least 17 - 18% pa .​
Okay - an​ index fund isn't going to​ do it​ for me, especially as​ the history of​ these shws it​ won't better much more than the 10.5% mark!)
Okay - let's look at​ another scenario for me shall we?
Let's imagine that I've actually been working away at​ my investments and funds for a​ while (must have listened to​ my dad!!) and I​ have a​ touch over $100,000 saved away.
Can I​ hit the target million with that amount as​ a​ lump sum starter?
Well, if​ I​ am set in​ using the index funds as​ my investment vehicle of​ choice, the answer is​ Yes!
So long as​ no major market upheaval hits and remains (ignoring the standard fluctuations you'll get over an​ extended period of​ investing) I​ should have over the $1,000,000 mark by the time I​ retire - and I​ won't have to​ add a​ cent more to​ my savings either.
But what makes this ossible for me to​ hit my target? The fact that I​ HAD a​ target.
Goals - targets - aims, they all help us to​ focus on getting to​ the end of​ the race with the result we want.
Goals to​ help you focus on your investment are what help you design your investment plan.
Do you need to​ be aggressive and look for a​ major return or​ can you simply protect your savings and earn a​ more modest return to​ reach your goal?
Set yourself a​ (realistic) towards it, keeping it​ in​ mind always.
Be modest and be focused.

Profitable Investing Goals The Number One Tip For Making Profitable

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