Profit From Reading

Profit From Reading

Profit From Reading
A while back my youngest son came to​ visit for a​ few days .​
He and his family arrived late one night and after visiting for a​ couple of​ hours, we all turned in .​
The next morning when he came down for his caffeine jump start, I​ was sitting at​ my desk with my computer on .​
This is​ my normal daily routine .​
I​ start my day around four, yes that's four in​ the morning unlike my son who is​ usually going to​ bed about that time .​
Anyway, he just mumbled good morning and took his coffee and headed out to​ sit by the lake .​
The second morning, he looked at​ me very strangely as​ he went by .​
Finally on the third morning he asked me what I​ could possibly be accomplishing sitting there staring at​ the screen for so many hours? When I​ told him that I​ was reading, I​ got another shake of​ the head and off he went .​
Do you spend much of​ your day reading? If you are part of​ the internet marketing world and you answered no, you are making a​ big mistake.
What do I​ read? I​ subscribe to​ and read an​ amazing number of​ ezines .​
I​ know that most of​ you just use them to​ get your free ads and don't even pay attention to​ any of​ the content .​
If you want to​ succeed in​ the internet marketing field, I​ urge you to​ subscribe to​ ezines .​
Read the content and find which one's provide you with quality material .​
Keep subscribing to​ those you find useful and discard the one's that don't .​
Then go out and subscribe to​ some more and repeat this process .​
If you spend all of​ your time sending out free ads to​ ezines and FFA sites instead of​ reading, you have your priorities in​ the wrong order .​
I was reading an​ article on advertising the other day .​
The author stated that research was a​ big step in​ writing good ad copy .​
Well .​
I​ am here to​ tell you that reading is​ a​ big part of​ being successful in​ the marketing world .​
I read ezines, I​ read books, I​ read news articles and I​ could go on and on .​
I​ read everything that might have an​ influence on the internet marketing industry .​
Ninety to​ ninety five percent of​ the people who are trying to​ work in​ the internet marketing field are going about it​ all wrong .​
They are spending their time unwisely and will be in​ the same circumstances a​ year from now .​
Most of​ you who are trying to​ work on the internet have a​ limited number of​ hours each week to​ put towards your marketing business .​
I​ strongly urge you to​ allot some of​ that time to​ reading .​
If you do this consistently for a​ few weeks, you will be amazed at​ what you learn.

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