Profit From Nostalgia

Profit From Nostalgia

With all the current interest in​ establishing a​ business online and working from home, aren’t we forgetting the more traditional opportunities that exist in​ our hometowns?

How about if​ you could obtain something from one of​ your customers free of​ charge and then sell it​ back to​ them in​ return – would that grab your interest?

I sense that many people believe an​ online business is​ the easy way to​ generate massive income and there are plenty of​ people determined to​ convince the unwary that such opportunities exist.

Selling information products and how to​ guides is​ usually the tool behind all such schemes with claims of​ single products or​ guides being worth up to​ £100 each when in​ reality you see the self-same products selling on ebay for just a​ few pounds. The marketplace is​ saturated with such products and their worth in​ monetary terms is​ very little.

However, information is​ in​ demand and saleable, if​ you have the right information to​ offer and sufficient customers who desire it.

There is​ no need to​ look to​ the world wide web for your customers as​ they are right there in​ the town where you live now and the information you obtain to​ sell comes from those who will buy from you in​ return.

Nothing will generate as​ much interest among your prospective customers as​ ‘Nostalgia’. Invite anyone to​ talk about the ‘good old days’ and they will chat forever and ever. if​ you can obtain a​ ready supply of​ personal memories of​ your hometown along with facts about its local history and combine them into a​ monthly magazine, which is​ then sold around town, you are on to​ a​ certain winner.

I began almost six years ago compiling a​ local community web site, but with the knowledge that many people from our older generations did not have internet access, I began to​ produce a​ small monthly newsletter to​ distribute around the town.

My first newsletter was published in​ 2018 and almost three years later I am now the proud owner of​ two commercially printed local community magazines with a​ circulation of​ 3,000 monthly copies.
The satisfaction from being able to​ publish a​ persons memories and to​ see the joy it​ gives them and those who read about them is​ greater than you will ever receive from an​ online business selling the self same products as​ countless other people.

Information is​ valuable and saleable – you just need to​ have the right information to​ offer.

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