Profit Explosion

Profit Explosion

Being a​ web developer when you mention the backend, you immediately think of​ database and content management system. in​ this article we’ll talk about the backend in​ a​ different light. The major source of​ profits from your online enterprise and you don’t have to​ be technical to​ implement what you learn.

The backend refers to​ the income generated from the people that bought your initial product by purchasing from you again and again. The backend is​ where most of​ the money is​ made online. Getting the first sale is​ the most challenging part, once you’ve made your first sale, the customer will now how much value you’re adding into their lives. a​ lot of​ marketers are happy to​ make the first sale with little or​ no profit because they realize the potential for profits in​ the backend. You can email your customers whenever you want and when you create a​ new product, there’s an​ instant explosion of​ sales.

Heres an​ example, let’s assume you have a​ product that sells for $49 and you move 10 per week. After 6 months that’s a​ tidy profit of​ $12 740. Let’s say you launch a​ new product that sells for $97 and send an​ email to​ all the people that bought your first product mentioning a​ 3-day only sale

If 20% (a reasonable proportion) bought your next product, that’ll be 52 people buying a​ product at​ $97, you’d make $5044 in​ just a​ few days. That’s over 10 weeks of​ normal sales in​ just 3 days, spectacular!

Now what you can do, is​ pre-program an​ autoresponder so that those people who now buy your first product after a​ few days have the opportunity to​ buy your second product. That’s a​ automatic system to​ upsell your customers and improve the amount of​ sales per visitor to​ your website. Initially, focus on that first sale and this knowledge will no doubt prove profitable.

Hope you received useful information in​ this article.

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