Problem Solving Strategies

Problem Solving Strategies

What could you use a​ few good problem solving strategies for? New ideas for​ your business, perhaps. New ways to​ deal with your children. to​ come up with different approaches to​ building things, writing stories, or​ finding a​ job. Whatever the​ purpose, here are a​ couple powerful problem solving strategies.

Use Your Unconscious Mind

Use your unconscious mind to​ do your problem solving. Start by outlining a​ problem in​ your mind before going to​ sleep. Then tell your brain to​ go to​ work. Albert Einstein had good luck with this technique, sometimes getting his "ah-ha" insights while shaving the​ next morning.

Instruct your mind to​ keep working on the​ problem while you do other things. There is​ more than we know going on inside our heads. if​ you first work on a​ problem, then move on to​ other things while waiting for​ and​ expecting a​ solution, an​ answer may come to​ you when you least expect it.

You can also try working on problems when you are in​ a​ drowsy state. This is​ usually an​ "Alpha" state, and​ can result in​ more creative solutions. This is​ one of​ the​ best problem solving strategies for​ artistic work.

A Systematic Problem Solving Strategy

Train yourself to​ solve problems with one or​ more techniques. Just use a​ technique for​ several weeks, and​ it​ should become a​ habit. Here are a​ few to​ try:

1. Assumption-challenging. if​ you are assuming you need a​ better or​ higher-paying job, ask "do I really need a​ better job?" You could get a​ raise, or​ somehow make the​ job you have better. Starting a​ business on the​ side might be an​ option too. Never let your assumptions limit the​ possible solutions.

2. Solve the​ parts. to​ buy a​ house is​ a​ big move that is​ really a​ bunch of​ small steps, which is​ true of​ many problems. Address the​ components of​ a​ problem individually, and​ it​ may not seem so overwhelming. it​ is​ easier to​ motivate yourself in​ this way.

3. Ask other people. Whether or​ not they have good ideas, this helps you be sure you're not overlooking anything obvious.

4. Write the​ problem down. Find another way to​ express the​ problem and​ write that down. Keep writing down solutions and​ ideas that come to​ mind. Later you can pick the​ diamonds out of​ the​ dirt.

5. Change perspective. What if​ you were rich, poor, a​ child, a​ visitor from another planet? How would you see the​ problem from this new perspective? Einstein imagined riding on a​ beam of​ light, which lead to​ his theory of​ relativity, so this technique has been known to​ work.

There are dozens of​ good techniques you can use to​ solve problems. There are also other general methods, like clearing a​ space to​ work in, or​ alternating between intense analysis and​ intuitive daydreaming. However many ways there are, though, it​ is​ using them that counts. if​ used well, you only need a​ few good problem solving strategies.

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