Private Medical Insurance Whats It All About

Private Medical Insurance Whats It All About

Private Medical Insurance What’s it​ All About?
Private medical insurance is​ a​ very useful policy to​ take out,​ yet the​ range of​ policies available means that you​ should ensure the​ terms and conditions meet your specific requirements
The origin of​ private medical insurance goes back a​ long way before the​ NHS was formed. in​ preNHS days,​ people contributed to​ friendly societies,​ which provided financial assistance to​ people in​ times of​ need. Some private medical insurance providers,​ such as​ BUPA,​ remain nonprofitdistributing bodies,​ though there are also many commercial insurance companies providing private medical insurance these days. One of​ the​ bestknown names in​ private medical insurance cover is​ AXA PPP healthcare http//www. axappphealthcare. co. uk/ which was actually conceived in​ 1938 to​ provide a​ health insurance scheme for middle income earners in​ London.
The principal aim of​ private medical insurance is​ designed to​ cover treatment of​ acute illness defined by Which? as​ conditions which can be cured or​ substantially alleviated by treatment. Treatment of​ chronic illnesses,​ such as​ multiple sclerosis or​ arthritis,​ may not be covered by private medical; so critical illness insurance might be more suitable. Critical insurance cover will be based on​ your individual requirements so shop around for the​ right policy and always be completely open with your insurance provider,​ or​ you​ may invalidate a​ claim at​ a​ later date.
Other treatments generally excluded from private medical insurance include cosmetic surgery,​ treatment for ​alcohol​ or​ ​Drug​ abuse and infertility treatment. the​ majority of​ standard policies exclude private consultations of​ a​ GP,​ routine checkups and dental work unless it​ is​ undertaken in​ a​ hospital. However,​ always check your private medical insurance policy as​ some will be more comprehensive than others.
Private medical insurance can be an effective way of​ ensuring swift access to​ medical care for your family. Just remember that insurance policies reflect your exact circumstances so don’t assume that one size fits all.
For additional information on​ private medical insurance and critical illness insurance
Be your own financial advisor,​ Which? Consumer Guides,​ author Jonquil Lowe
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http//www. moneynet. co. uk/insurance/criticalillness/index. shtml Critical illness insurance information

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