Private Label Vitamins Why Pay Top Dollar For Generic Supplements

Private Label Vitamins Why Pay Top Dollar For Generic Supplements?
Today’s vitamin supplement industry is​ one of​ fierce competition between distributors and retailers. Numerous companies promise to​ bring consumers the​ best supplements money can buy,​ and often make claims of​ superior product components and exclusive raw material sources.
And yet the​ majority of​ vitamin supplement providers are buying their products wholesale from the​ same manufacturers.
It’s true. Major retailers like GNC and Vitamin World rely almost exclusively on​ private label production companies to​ manufacture and package their supplements for them.
The same is​ true of​ direct marketing companies that use independent sales representatives and multilevel affiliate networks to​ distribute their overpriced vitamin products. This is​ especially ironic,​ since this type of​ retail model often places a​ strong emphasis on​ concepts like ‘unique formulas’ and ‘patented processing techniques’ in​ an effort to​ justify their high markups.
Manufacturers like Randal Nutritional Products and Vitarich Laboratories produce and package nearly one third of​ all brand name vitamins supplements sold in​ the​ U. S. And Vitarich alone is​ responsible for the​ highpriced,​ ‘exclusive formula’ products sold by at​ least 21 different multilevelmarketing companies.
There is​ nothing particularly scandalous about this fact. But it​ is​ something I ​ feel the​ average consumer of​ vitamin supplements should be aware of.
In essence,​ there is​ little reason to​ pay exorbitant prices for a​ vitamin supplement. I ​ have spoken with dieticians,​ pharmacists,​ and physicians who freely recommend buying the​ more affordable ‘​Drug​ store brand’. as​ long as​ a​ supplement label bears the​ USP U. S. Pharmacopeia approval statement,​ you can be confident you are purchasing a​ quality product.
This is​ not to​ say that superior supplements are not available. But you shouldn’t take a​ retailer’s claims at​ face value.
Do a​ little research on​ a​ product line before spending the​ extra money. if​ a​ distributor doesn’t want to​ provide you with some basic information about the​ location of​ their manufacturing center,​ you should think twice about shelling out big bucks for their ‘secret formula’ supplements.

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