Private Label Membership Guide

Private Label Membership Guide

A popular way to​ get a​ jumpstart on your product creation and promotions efforts is​ to​ join a​ good private label membership program aka PLR (private label rights) site. Because a​ good PLR program can help you save a​ bundle of​ money, time, elbow grease and hair-pulling so that you do not have to​ create your own new products and marketing tools for them each month. However, since a​ general search for this type of​ private label membership program can turn up hundreds of​ listings on any search engine, here is​ a​ general overview of​ what to​ look for in​ a​ good PLR program.


In a​ nutshell, a​ private label membership site will feature one or​ more new products for you to​ sell each month and often come with helpful marketing tools you can use to​ help promote and sell your products. Then monthly private label products are usually targeted to​ help with niche problems or​ concerns most often searched for in​ top search engines like Yahoo! and Google™.

Begin by making sure the program you are considering offers the type of​ rights you want. Private label rights allow you to​ edit, revise or​ alter however you’d like the regular monthly products that are featured. This means you can name yourself as​ the author.
However, so that your products do differ some from those used by fellow program members, everyone must revise content somewhat. So check the rules of​ the program to​ see what you need to​ do.

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Products like ebooks and reports composed with good spelling and grammar, and targeted for popular niche audiences are a​ must. So are any types of​ helpful marketing and other promotional materials that go along with them like autoresponder series and a​ website with graphics and sales copy that you can revise.

And for the best price and value, the more goodies the better! For example, extra articles that are packaged in​ with the deal each month can come in​ handy in​ any number of​ ways. You can insert them throughout the original ebook to​ make the content more unique for you to​ sell, you can add them to​ your autoresponder series or​ you could package them as​ a​ report to​ be sold with your ebook or​ as​ a​ front-end item, or​ to​ give away free to​ website visitors who subscribe to​ your autoresponder series through your leads capture form. Programs with audio and video files plus keyword lists to​ help focus your content and promotions are also more goodies that sweeten the PLR pot.


Especially for new people just entering the private label rights arena or​ who are new at​ selling online, PLR sites that come with helpful instructions are among the top tier for you to​ consider. Because with instructions – written, audio with video tutorials or​ whatever they have, you can learn how to​ use the member products and the best ways to​ market them are maximum return on your investment. And that’s a​ win-win for your private label membership program and your business.

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