Prevention And First Aid Treatment For Heatstroke

Prevention And First Aid Treatment For Heatstroke

Don’t we just love those long, hot summer days in​ the​ sun? Keep in​ mind, however, that the​ high temperatures and​ excessive humidity can pose dangers. One of​ the​ dangers to​ be aware of​ is​ that of​ heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs as​ a​ result long, extreme exposure to​ the​ sun. When a​ person does not sweat enough to​ lower body temperature core temperature rises quickly and​ heatstroke occurs.

The first aid tips in​ this article in​ no way precludes immediate medical attention. Heatstroke can be extremely damaging to​ you health. it​ progresses very quickly and​ is​ life threatening. While there are first aid measures that can be taken, heatstroke is​ a​ medical emergency. Time is​ crucial and​ help should be summoned immediately.

Infants and​ the​ elderly are among the​ group at​ high risk for​ heatstroke. Also vulnerable are the​ obese, alcoholics, persons taking certain medications, or​ those with cardiovascular disease.

Another group that may be at​ risk is​ the​ summer athlete. as​ with any prolonged physical activity, summer sports can be potentially dangerous. an​ excellent source of​ information on heat stroke and​ how it​ relates to​ summer sports can be found at​ the​ Gatorade Sports Science Institute online. At there is​ an​ comprehensive article about prevention and​ treatment of​ heatstoke in​ summer sports.

Some risk factors for​ heat stroke include dehydration. alcohol use, cardiovascular disease, and​ medications.
The important thing to​ remember is​ that when high temperatures and​ humidity are present conditions are right for​ heat stroke. There are some preventive measures you should take if​ you are going to​ be in​ the​ heat for​ extensive hours. This is​ especially necessary if​ you are planning prolonged physical activity.

Have plenty of​ water and/or sports drinks on hand to​ prevent dehydration. Wear clothing that allows you to​ sweat and​ will prevent overheating. Heat stroke results from the​ body’s inability to​ sweat and​ keep itself cool. Take breaks and​ sit in​ a​ shaded area to​ cool down.

Some early warning signs of​ heatstroke may include a​ rapid rise in​ body temperature (104° F or​ higher), irritability, confusion, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, hot, dry red skin, hallucinations, and​ rapid heart beat. There may even be be loss of​ consciousness.

If you suspect someone has heat stroke take action quickly. Have someone call 911 for​ help. Get the​ person out of​ the​ sun into a​ shaded or​ air-conditioned area.

If possible immerse the​ person in​ a​ tub of​ ice water, or​ spray them with a​ garden hose. if​ nothing else wrap them in​ cool sheets. Whatever means you have, the​ objective is​ to​ cool them down as​ quickly as​ possibly. Monitor them closely. Cool the​ person until their body temperature drops to​ 101-102°F.

Move quickly, if​ not treated, heat stroke can be fatal in​ with-in the​ hour. if​ medical assistance does not arrive after you have cooled them down, call a​ hospital emergency room for​ further advice.

In conclusion, when enjoying the​ intense heat and​ humidity of​ summer remember to​ wear lightweight, breatheable clothing. Keep plenty of​ water and​ sports drinks on hand. Schedule heavy physical activity for​ cooler hours of​ the​ day. Acclimate yourself to​ the​ sun and​ heat by spending short times in​ the​ sun at​ first. With these few steps in​ mind may you all have a​ wonderful summer whenever it​ comes to​ your part of​ the​ globe.

Prevention And First Aid Treatment For Heatstroke

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