Preventing Fire Damage In The Kitchen

Preventing Fire Damage In The Kitchen

The kitchen is​ one of​ the most dangerous rooms in​ your house as​ it​ contains many hazards and a​ high potential for unintentional fires.

Frying Pans and Deep Fry Pans

Using a​ thermostat controlled fryer is​ a​ great way to​ prevent deep fry pans fires. Avoid fat and grease build up on the stove or​ pans because fat and grease can easily catch fire.

Oven and Stove

The oven and range must be cleaned often to​ prevent grease and food from catching fire. Be careful when you cook and keep pot handles away from the edge of​ the stove. Don’t wear long sleeves that can hang over the stove and catch fire. Always look on the oven when it​ is​ on and don’t forget to​ turn it​ off when not in​ use. Place flammable fabrics, such as​ towels, away from the gas or​ electric range. Be careful with flammable liquids such as​ cleaning materials.


The most important safety rule for appliances is​ to​ use only appliances that have been tested and approved by a​ testing facility. Avoid overloading electrical outlets and check for worn or​ broken wiring on a​ regular basis. if​ you find defects be sure to​ make necessary repairs immediately. it​ is​ also very important to​ keep appliance cords on the counter to​ prevent them from, accidentally, being pulled down.

Microwave Ovens

A very common mistake regarding microwave ovens is​ the wrong assumption that items, heated in​ the microwave oven, are not as​ hot as​ items heated in​ a​ regular oven or​ a​ mini oven. Keep in​ mind that even though the container does not heat, the content does. Be sure all the vents are cleared of​ obstructions and that the microwave oven has an​ adequate clearance for air circulation. Never place aluminum foil or​ other metals in​ a​ microwave oven.

Preventing Fire Damage In The Kitchen

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