President Bush Videos Great Entertainment For All Parties

President Bush Videos Great Entertainment For All Parties

Many different video web sites are popping up all over the​ internet, especially after the​ success of​ Why didn’t I think of​ the​ concept of​ putting up a​ web site where people can post their own videos? This type of​ web site is​ such an​ easy idea, but many people overlooked the​ popularity that such a​ web site could bring. However now that Google bought for​ 1.65 billion dollars in​ stocks, everyone is​ trying their hand at​ cashing in​ on this huge market. Most of​ these web sites are trying to​ cash in​ by posting videos that are funny, or​ spoofs on everyday activities. I think some of​ the​ funniest videos on the​ internet today are videos about President Bush. These videos range from actual film footage, to​ footage that has been modified, to​ spoofs that poke fun at​ President Bush.

The actual film footage of​ President Bush is​ hilarious, because we all know that he is​ not one of​ the​ best public speakers around. He is​ always saying the​ wrong thing, or​ getting his words twisted in​ a​ way that he did not intend. One of​ my favorite videos of​ this type of​ footage is​ when President Bush says something like, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, I never get fooled again. I have also seen other footage of​ President Bush that was modified in​ a​ way to​ make him seem even funnier than he already was. When I think of​ these types of​ videos one comes to​ mind first, the​ video that slows down President Bush’s speech so that it​ sounds like he is​ drunk. This video is​ hilarious and​ has made many appearances on different late night talk shows. the​ final types of​ video are spoofs that poke fun at​ President Bush. an​ example of​ this type of​ video I have seen is​ one that has a​ look-alike comedian standing on stage doing his own rendition of​ President Bush’s State of​ the​ Union Address. This is​ probably my favorite video, because the​ comedian is​ making up new words, forgetting what he was talking about, and​ other common things that President Bush has been known to​ do. if​ you have a​ little free time and​ you want to​ get a​ good laugh, then just search for​ President Bush videos online and​ you will have a​ wonderful time.

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