Preserving Memories Strategies For Successful Family Portraits

Preserving Memories Strategies For Successful Family Portraits

Preserving Memories: Strategies for​ Successful Family Portraits
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Family portraits are an​ important part of​ our heritage .​
They preserve history .​
They record family growth .​
They document changing styles (some good, some not-so-good!) .​
More than that, however, portraits seem to​ call to​ us and​ will garner our attention almost immediately when we enter a​ room .​
These, among many other reasons, are why family portraits continue to​ be so popular .​
It's also why portraiture is​ one of​ the​ most popular areas of​ study at​ photography schools .​
While almost all get looked at, only a​ few spark the​ phrase, That's a​ good picture! Why is​ it​ that since most photographers go through photography school, only some family portraits gain compliments while others seem ordinary? the​ posing strategies and​ selections of​ photographers play a​ big role .​
Photographers tend to​ get into ruts taking the​ same styles of​ portraits over and​ over .​
When you feel this happening to​ you, it's time to​ shake things up with new ideas about posing families.
Natural Sittings (and Settings) Are Popular
First and​ foremost, keep things light .​
the​ days of​ stiff family portraits where everybody is​ in​ exactly the​ same pose are over! Today, more natural-looking poses (even formal portraits) are what give that noteworthy appearance .​

Let the​ family members be themselves .​
Keep your eye behind the​ lens, always looking for​ an​ opportune shot as​ family members interact with each other .​
You'll also want to​ encourage natural laughter and​ smiles rather than forced cheese smiles.
Creative Family Poses
Get creative! Use your imagination and​ a​ host of​ props or​ natural settings to​ capture moments that are truly unique .​
for​ young families, consider placing baby in​ a​ bassinet with siblings and​ parents looking at​ baby, not at​ the​ camera .​
Perhaps toddlers could play at​ the​ edges of​ brooks or​ streams with mom and​ dad .​

Other memorable (not to​ mention adorable) shots could include toddlers chasing bubbles or​ butterflies and​ toddlers playing with puppies, bunnies or​ other small (but tame) pets.
For families with older children, head outside! Fabulous portraits can be created with the​ family standing behind a​ fence (smaller kids sitting on the​ fence) .​
Try a​ portrait of​ all silhouettes or​ of​ the​ family gathered on the​ front porch sipping lemonade .​
Families can even lounge at​ the​ edges of​ ponds or​ brooks for​ creative shots.
While there's a​ place to​ use your tripod, it​ may not be during a​ family portrait shoot .​
if​ you feel your posing is​ getting stale, toss the​ tripod and​ try alternate angles .​
Shoot from above or​ to​ the​ side or​ experiment with lighting .​
if​ the​ family isn't sure of​ exactly what they want, offer to​ take a​ variety of​ portraits and​ let them choose the​ style they like best once they see the​ results.
When you break down the​ barriers that squelch your creativity, you free yourself to​ produce your best work yet .​
You'll enjoy the​ sessions more, and​ your clients will be thrilled with the​ results!

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