Preparing To Write For The Act

Preparing To Write For The Act

If you plan to​ take the ACT Writing Test, then it​ is​ essential that you prepare yourself. The test consists of​ only one prompt so it​ is​ important that you respond to​ that prompt with your best writing and reasoning.

There are several ways to​ prepare yourself for this writing challenge, but one of​ the key ways does not involve writing at​ all, but rather reading. Reading newspapers and magazines offers two key advantages. First, you will learn more about the writing styles and vocabulary utilized by professional writers. This can help provide models for your own writing. in​ addition, knowledge of​ current events will help you provide stronger examples and support for the points you make in​ your writing.

Of course, one of​ the best ways to​ prepare for the ACT Writing Test is​ to​ practice writing. The ACT Writing Test will ask you to​ explain your perspective on an​ issue in​ a​ convincing way so persuasive and argumentative type writing should be your main focus.

You should also practice writing within a​ time limit. You'll have just 30 minutes to​ read and think about the issue in​ the prompt then to​ plan and write your essay.

While some writers feel the pressure of​ that time limit and want to​ plunge directly into writing once they have read the prompt, that is​ a​ big mistake. Time spent planning and outlining your essay as​ well as​ brainstorming support for your main points will allow you to​ write more quickly and effectively. Remember to​ engage in​ your prewriting activities on the designated pages in​ your test booklet.

After you have jotted down the main points (and support) you intend to​ make, think about the people who might disagree with your position and how you might answer them. Some of​ these points might further develop your position.

Finally, review the prompt and then your outline to​ ensure that you will have fully responded to​ the prompt in​ an​ organized fashion. Have you included information to​ demonstrate your understanding of​ the issue and the logic behind your position? if​ possible, discuss the issue in​ a​ broader context or​ evaluate the implications or​ complications of​ the issue. Address what others might say to​ refute your point of​ view and present a​ counter-argument. Make sure to​ use specific examples.

While clear writing is​ the most important quality, if​ you have time concentrate on varying the structure of​ your sentences and pay attention to​ your word choices. Organization is​ also key and you should use transitional words and phrases and make sure that you do not wander off topic. Make sure your conclusion is​ strong and reinforces your position. Give your essay a​ final check to​ correct any mistakes in​ grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Make any corrections and revisions neatly, between the lines (but not in​ the margins).

Taking time to​ prepare and then carefully planning your test day writing strategy can help you achieve writing success on the ACT.

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