Preparing Microsoft Certification Tests Step By Step

Preparing Microsoft Certification Tests Step By Step

Microsoft Certifications are one of​ the​ most widely pursued and​ acclaimed professional certifications in​ the​ it​ industry. Preparing MS certification tests, however, is​ a​ significant undertaking whether you're just out of​ college or​ have been in​ it​ field for​ years. it​ professionals are continuously demanded to​ acquire new knowledge in​ order to​ perform well on their jobs as​ new technology in​ the​ it​ industry emerged at​ a​ pace that has never been seen before. Regardless what certifications (Microsoft Certified Professional or​ MCP, Microsoft Certified System Administrator or​ MCSA, Microsoft Certified System Engineer or​ MCSE ) you are pursuing, a​ thorough planning will increase the​ chance of​ success.

1. Pick the​ Right Certification

There’re two questions to​ answer while pursuing a​ MS certification:

a) Whether a​ particular MS certification helps the​ long-term and​ short-term goals of​ your career path. if​ your passion is​ in​ it​ consulting, MCSE certification is​ likely more valuable than a​ MCSA certification, which may help you land a​ system administrator job at​ companies which are MS shop.

b) Whether you have both sufficient knowledge and​ hands-on experience to​ pass a​ series of​ tests for​ the​ certification. You may want to​ talk to​ your friends who have taken the​ tests before, or​ examine the​ questions from previous certification tests to​ identify the​ gap between what you've known and​ what you need to​ know. Braindumps or​ actual test questions from past exams will help learn the​ format and​ the​ scope of​ the​ tests.

2. Gain Hands-on Experience

Besides the​ official certification guide and​ reading materials published by vendors or​ authorized organizations, there're numerous other helpful learning materials available online or​ in​ print. a​ few years ago, we’ve heard the​ stories that employees with MS certifications who couldn’t do their job. They passed MS certifications with little hands-on experience but a​ lot of​ knowledge on paper gained from purely studying practice test questions and​ braindumps. as​ certification vendors improved the​ test questions and​ introduced new test formats, it’s almost impossible to​ pass those tests without years of​ hands-on experience. the​ real value of​ hands-on experience is​ to​ prepare you for​ the​ job, not just to​ gain a​ certification.

3. Consolidate Knowledge with Training

The value of​ hands-on experience can not be replaced with studying sample certification tests, and​ systematical knowledge of​ a​ particular subject can’t be replaced by hands-on experience either.

Use of​ Computer Based Training software is​ a​ very effective way to​ speed up your Microsoft certification preparation. for​ instance, many companies offer vendor-co developed CBT or​ Computer Based Training for​ it​ professionals to​ have a​ comprehensive understanding of​ Microsoft products and​ practice.

4. Take Sample Exams

Once you have both systematical knowledge and​ hands-on experience of​ Microsoft software products, you’ll still need to​ know the​ format and​ style of​ certification test questions to​ perform well in​ the​ exams. Use of​ sample tests and​ braindumps will often further improve your test score.

5. IT certification exams.

Microsoft certification exams, like other major it​ certifications - Cisco, Oracle etc, are administered by independent testing organizations at​ major cities worldwide. Registration can be done online or​ via phone. More important than anything else is​ to​ relax and​ have a​ good night of​ sleep before the​ actual test date.

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