Preparing For A Storage Unit Auction

Preparing for​ a​ Storage Unit Auction
Do you want to​ make money buying and​ reselling items bought from a​ storage unit auction? if​ so, you are not alone .​
Many are finding self-storage actions to​ be an​ easy way to​ make a​ profit.
If you have never attended a​ storage unit auction before, you may be curious what you need to​ do in​ preparation .​
Please continue reading on for​ a​ few helpful tips.
The day before or​ the​ morning of​ the​ auction, contact the​ company .​
You will want make sure that auction is​ still set as​ scheduled .​
if​ you have to​ travel far, this will save you a​ wasted trip .​
Some people will make good on their overdue bill to​ save their stuff, even at​ the​ last minute .​
This may result in​ an​ auction cancellation.
Most importantly, get cash and​ have plenty of​ it .​
Once you attend your first mini storage auction, you will see how much great stuff is​ available for​ bidding .​
Yes, you don’t always get to​ see or​ inspect those items up-close and​ personal, but you may get caught up in​ the​ moment of​ bidding .​
You may want to​ place multiple bids .​
Rarely are credit cards or​ checks accepted
It is​ also important to​ plan on winning .​
Yes, you may not, but always have a​ plan set in​ place .​
You only get a​ set number of​ hours, which may be less than 24, to​ remove your winnings .​
if​ you don’t already own a​ truck or​ van, can you gain access to​ one? Additional moving supplies are recommended as​ well, including work gloves, plastic tarps, and​ cushions.
As previously stated, you will want to​ plan on placing a​ winning bid .​
This means creating a​ plan of​ action, in​ terms of​ what to​ do with your recently purchased merchandise .​
Although this plan can wait until after you win, it​ is​ best to​ have a​ generalized idea .​
Why? Because the​ sooner you can resell the​ items, the​ sooner you can make a​ profit .​
It also reduces the​ clutter around your home, as​ you won’t need a​ place to​ store it​ if​ it​ is​ already gone.
If you win the​ contents of​ a​ whole store unit at​ an​ auction, start sorting right away .​
You will end up with junk, that you just want to​ throw away .​
Stop by the​ junkyard on your way home .​
In some rare cases, the​ storage company may have a​ dumpster onsite .​
if​ you use it, be prepared to​ pay a​ small fee, but it​ is​ a​ convenient way to​ quickly get rid of​ garbage.
In addition to​ items that are considered junk, in​ terms of​ quality, you may come across personal items .​
They are useless to​ you .​
Turn them over to​ storage company .​
if​ they do not accept them, you should properly dispose of​ them in​ a​ quick, yet safe matter .​
Contacting the​ original renters is​ possible, but you may run into problems .​
if​ you offer to​ give back their family photographs, they may try to​ get everything else back too.
Once you get all of​ the​ items home, resort them again .​
This is​ best done as​ soon as​ you unload .​
Create three different piles .​
What do you want to​ keep? What do you want to​ resell? What can you donate to​ charity?
You will also want to​ determine ahead of​ time how you plan to​ resell these goods .​
This is​ important, as​ it​ can have an​ impact on your storage or​ where you unload them to .​
if​ you plan to​ sell on eBay, take the​ items into your home so that you can clean them and​ take pictures .​
if​ you intend to​ sell at​ a​ yard sale, leave them in​ a​ convenient location, such as​ your garage.
As previously stated, you can make money reselling merchandise you bought at​ a​ mini storage auction, but it​ can be risky .​
There is​ always a​ chance that you will walk away disappointed .​
if​ and​ when that times comes, try again .​
Remember, the​ more merchandise you buy at​ mini storage auctions, the​ more your chances of​ profiting increase.

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