Prepare For Opportunity From Galley Slave To Multi Millionaire

Prepare For Opportunity From Galley Slave To Multi Millionaire

In the epic classic book and movie, Ben-Hur, the main character, Judah Ben-Hur, through an​ accident and tragic misunderstanding is​ arrested and sold to​ work in​ the mines by the Roman authorities. Despite going from the son of​ a​ wealthy family to​ slave, Ben-Hur refused to​ fall into despair. He exercised and built his strength up. When he was ready he inched his way up the mineshaft and made it​ to​ the top. Unfortunately, he was easily captured because he was blinded by the sunlight after spending so much time in​ the dark mine shaft.

His captors were so impressed with his strength that they sold him to​ the Roman navy as​ a​ rower for their warships. Again Ben-Hur refused to​ give up. He used his great strength to​ become the best rower on the boat. Eventually, he was given the special privilege of​ not being chained to​ the boat.

Later in​ a​ great naval battle, his boat was rammed and sunk. Because Ben-Hur was not chained, he was the only slave to​ escape. He was able to​ save the admiral who had given permission to​ have him unchained. The admiral was so grateful; he took him to​ Rome and adopted him as​ his son. Later when the admiral died, Ben-Hur inherited his great wealth. He eventually made his way back to​ Jerusalem and was reunited with his mother and sister.

What can we learn from this story? Instead of​ slipping into despair from the injustice done to​ him, Ben-Hur burned with great desire for freedom and to​ right the wrong done to​ him. He refused to​ give up. Despite the hopeless situation he found himself in, he spent his time preparing himself. When opportunities came he took advantage of​ them.

Winston Churchill

“To every man there comes . . . that special moment when he is​ figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to​ do a​ special thing unique to​ him and fitted to​ his talent. What a​ tragedy if​ that moment finds him unprepared or​ unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour.”

Many have had to​ go through tough times. Many think their situations are hopeless. Many think they are in​ dead-end jobs going nowhere. There is​ an​ amazing miracle waiting for those who bide their time by preparing and improving themselves.

Develop your talents. Don’t waste your time spending hours watching TV or​ spending unproductive time on the Internet. Take classes. Successful people never stop learning. Improve the skills you already have. Improve your reading, writing, and vocabulary.

There seems to​ be a​ universal law which seems to​ always send opportunity to​ those who are moving forward. You will be amazed when that opportunity comes along that your unique collection of​ talents and abilities fits it​ perfectly.

Prepare For Opportunity From Galley Slave To Multi Millionaire

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