Prepare For The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

Prepare for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam
Pursing a​ certificate as​ a​ Nursing Assistant is​ a​ very exciting adventure .​
The curriculum generally lasts from four to​ twelve weeks depending on the requirements in​ your state .​
Federal regulations require a​ minimum of​ seventy five hours of​ training .​
You Nursing Assistant course will be composed of​ classroom training, practicing what you learned on mannequins and each other, and clinicals that involve working with actual clients in​ a​ medical facility under the supervision of​ a​ Registered Nurse.
Upon completing your certification, you will be required to​ take the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam .​
Most states require you to​ sign up for the test within ninety days of​ completing all course work .​
Your program is​ set up to​ specifically teach you the fundamentals you will need on the job as​ well as​ to​ pass the exam .​
It is​ your responsibility to​ ask for clarification of​ any areas you are unsure of​ prior to​ taking the Nursing Assistant exam .​
While the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam requirements will vary from state to​ state, most are very similar in​ structure and content .​
The test is​ made up of​ two parts – written and clinical .​
The written portion of​ the test will contain questions about basic concepts and procedures .​
Your course textbooks and class notes are excellent studying resources .​
The clinical portion of​ the exam requires you to​ demonstrate anywhere from three to​ five Nursing Assistant skills you should have mastered during your program .​
You will need to​ perform these skills for a​ state examiner who will be watching your every move .​
These skills involve hand washing, privacy, dignity, providing a​ bed pan, re-positioning a​ patient in​ their bed, grooming, taking a​ patient’s temperature, and completing a​ linen change with the occupant still in​ the bed .​
While hand washing, privacy, and dignity may all seem like common sense areas to​ many of​ us, they are very important .​
Since most communicable diseases can be eliminated by proper hand washing, this skill is​ absolutely necessary .​
Providing all patients with privacy and dignity are the cornerstone of​ any area of​ the medical profession .​
They are relevant to​ the many duties of​ Nursing Assistants .​
Most people are very nervous about this portion of​ the test, but practicing correct processed during your program and on your own will help you be prepared .​
Forming study groups with classmates is​ an​ excellent way to​ practice for both the written and clinical portions of​ the test .​
There are also study guides available and online practice tests .​
The state examiner understands that exams are stressful and make people nervous .​
They will be watching to​ see how you react under stress and pressure because these skills are also important for Nursing Assistants to​ acquire .​
Passing your Nursing Assistant exam is​ very important .​
Some employers will hire you once you have completed the program, but you must provide verification that you also passed your state exam within a​ specified timeframe to​ maintain that employment .​
Most states will allow you to​ find out right after the exam if​ you have passed or​ not .​
You will have the opportunity to​ retest if​ you don’t pass the first time .​
There are rules regarding how many times you can take the test, the length of​ time between each testing, and the cost to​ retest .​
These things all vary by state guidelines .​

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