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prenatal vitamins
Most women know that prenatal vitamins are essential for a​ healthy pregnancy .​
What they don’t know is​ that they are far more important than they think .​
There are even some who will start taking them before they try to​ conceive so they are sure they are getting all they can get and the​ baby is​ getting good nutrition from the​ moment the​ sperm and egg meet .​
However,​ there are some who start taking them and then they quit,​ which is​ not a​ smart idea.
The reason that some women stop taking their prenatal vitamins is​ because they make them sick .​
This is​ actually quite common,​ but it​ is​ not smart to​ simply throw them away .​
If this is​ happening to​ you,​ you should get in​ to​ see your doctor as​ soon as​ you can to​ see if​ there is​ something you can do,​ or​ something else you can take .​
The prenatal vitamins have exactly what the​ pregnant body needs,​ and to​ stop taking them can cause imbalances within the​ body that can lead to​ some birth defects .​
Suffering for a​ few days until you can see your doctor is​ the​ wise decision for your baby.
There are some prenatal vitamins that you can buy over the​ counter,​ but you should ask a​ doctor if​ they are what you need .​
These might be better on​ your stomach,​ but they may not have everything you need .​
The prescribed vitamins may make you sick for a​ while,​ but it​ might pass after the​ first trimester has passed and your hormones have settled a​ bit .​
Those raging hormones are often the​ reason that some prenatal vitamins make some women sick when they take them .​
Some are lucky and don’t have any upset what-so-ever,​ but many more experience some when taking them.
There are times when prenatal vitamins can be avoided,​ but a​ woman has to​ really know what she is​ doing with her nutritional needs .​
The menu they choose makes a​ huge difference in​ getting what they need each day for their baby and for themselves .​
This is​ not wise for most,​ as​ the​ feelings of​ morning sickness often mean women can’t eat as​ they should,​ and the​ levels of​ vitamins and minerals become sorely lacking in​ what the​ body needs .​
Before you throw away your prenatal vitamins for any reason,​ find out what you need to​ do and what can happen by talking with your doctor for a​ clear picture of​ what is​ really going on.

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