Preferred Rewards Green Card From American Express A True Financial Companion

Preferred Rewards Green Card From American Express - a​ True Financial Companion
Established in​ 1850, American express happens to​ be one of​ the oldest and most honored financial service organizations in​ the world .​
Also referred to​ as​ Amex, the concern excels in​ credit card, charge card and travelers’ cheque businesses .​
Credit cards from American express are known for providing unparalleled customer service and immediate purchasing power .​
Preferred Rewards Green Card from American Express is​ an​ exceptional Amex credit card.
The Target Group
Though Preferred Rewards Green Card from American Express is​ recommendable for everyone, yet it​ is​ ideal for those who can afford to​ pay the full balance every month to​ successfully skirt accumulation of​ credit card debt .​
This is​ because an​ accumulated debt leads to​ a​ very high rate of​ interest, which is​ inconvenient for an​ individual to​ pay later.
Key Characteristics
With no pre-set spending limit, the Preferred Rewards Green Card from American Express comes fee-free for the first year .​
It is​ not just the annual fee of​ the basic card, but fees for up to​ five additional cards are waived in​ the first year of​ card membership .​
After the expiry of​ the first year, an​ annual fee of​ $95 is​ charged for the basic card and $30 for each additional card.
Additional Benefits
Preferred Rewards Green Card from American Express is​ recognized in​ numerous places all over the world .​
This card provides several additional benefits like fraud protection, extended warranty for purchases, purchase protection, medical and legal referral services, roadside assistance, emergency cash replacement, auto rental as​ well as​ lost luggage insurance, emergency card replacement and a​ travel accident insurance up to​ a​ maximum of​ $100000.
Cardholders also get various Internet a/c related services and have easy access to​ the global assist plus hotline that proffers several assistances even when the holders are more than 100miles away from their home .​
At the year-end, all the cardholders receive a​ financial statement that carries all the minute details of​ the financial transactions.
The Reward Program
Merely signing in​ the card, inducts one into the reward program and the cardholder receives a​ warm welcome in​ the form of​ 5000 bonus membership rewards points (which can be redeemed right away) .​
After this, one point accumulates for every dollar spent using the card and these points are redeemable towards fifty big names in​ entertainment and shopping, or​ for rewards from 21 airlines, over 50 cruise itineraries, hundreds of​ hotels worldwide, vacation packages and spa retreats.
This apart, the holder can transfer the points to​ eleven frequent flyer programmes at​ the rate of​ one point equated to​ one frequent flyer mile or​ frequent guest credit .​
It is​ mention worthy that there is​ no limit to​ the amount of​ points that can be earned and the points never expire on a​ Preferred Rewards Green Card from American Express.

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