Practical Tips To Survive The 1st Trimester Of Pregnancy

Practical Tips To Survive The 1st Trimester Of Pregnancy

So, you’ve gotten over the​ elation of​ being pregnant. Now, despite the​ joy of​ having a​ little one growing in​ your belly, you (and your husband or​ boyfriend) need to​ deal with the​ nagging symptoms of​ pregnancy. Here are just a​ few tips to​ help you to​ survive:

1. Get plenty of​ rest: Most likely, you will be more tired than ever before during the​ first trimester. Listen to​ your body and​ go to​ bed or​ take naps when you are feeling tired. This may also mean cutting back on obligations, or​ going out with friends. Do not let yourself worry about housework, errands, or​ getting ready for​ the​ baby, which needs to​ be done. You will have more energy in​ the​ 2nd trimester, so let the​ things that can wait, wait. Also, ask your husband, boyfriend, or​ family to​ help you when you are tired.

2. Ask (or beg) your significant other to​ do the​ grocery shopping, cooking, and​ some of​ the​ cleaning: You may have aversions to​ foods in​ the​ first trimester or​ simply just do not have the​ desire to​ cook. Prepare a​ list of​ food items that you enjoy and​ ask your husband to​ prepare the​ meals each night or​ a​ few nights per week. Alleviating the​ stress of​ having to​ deal with food aversions at​ the​ grocery store and​ over the​ stove will help alleviate some of​ the​ nausea you may be feeling. Not only that, but if​ you are like me and​ working full time, you are tired in​ the​ evenings and​ will not feel like cooking or​ cleaning.

3. Make large meals on the​ weekends to​ last throughout the​ week: You will find that you have a​ little more energy for​ a​ few hours on the​ weekends. Snatch up those moments of​ energy to​ make a​ one-dish meal for​ the​ week (soups, casseroles, lasagnas, stews) so that you have something on the​ nights you lack the​ desire and​ energy to​ cook.

4. if​ you are experiencing nausea, try different avenues to​ alleviate it: There are many tips out there to​ ease the​ nausea, such as​ eating crackers in​ the​ morning before you get up, eating crackers all day, drinking ginger tea, and​ drinking ginger ale. I did not find these things to​ help with my nausea. One of​ the​ things that helped me was eating black licorice, eating grilled cheese sandwiches all day, and​ drinking lemonade. So, what works for​ one, does not work for​ all. Try different things.

5. Don’t read all of​ the​ pregnancy books: Ask your doctor for​ one book that their practice recommends and​ stick with that book. if​ you feel the​ need to​ buy several books on the​ market, do not let yourself get worried about all of​ the​ things they discuss in​ these books. for​ example, I thought there was a​ chance that my baby was going to​ have neural tube defects (due to​ lack of​ folic acid) since I did not take prenatal vitamins prior to​ conception and​ in​ the​ first month of​ pregnancy. My doctor assured me that you do not even need to​ take the​ prenatal vitamins until the​ 20th week.

6. Call your doctor if​ you have concerns about anything! Your doctor will assure you more than the​ books or​ anyone else for​ that matter.

Lastly, have fun during your first trimester! Cherish all of​ the​ changes and​ experiences your body goes through during pregnancy as​ it​ forms a​ little miracle inside.

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