Practical Tips For Buying Green Tea

Practical Tips For Buying Green Tea
Green tea is considered as​ the true tea that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. ​
Experts believe that the secret of​ green tea is the fact that it​ is rich in catechin polyphenols such as​ epigallocatechin gallate or​ EGCG; this is a​ powerful antioxidant which inhibits the growth of​ cancer cells and ​ kills cancer cells without harming healthy body tissues and ​ also believe that chemical compounds in green tea are effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels as​ well as​ inhibiting abnormal formation of​ blood clots.
Green tea may be useful as​ a​ glucose regulator, meaning it​ slows the rise in blood sugar following a​ meal. ​
it​ does this by slowing the action of​ a​ particular digestive enzyme called amylase. ​
This enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of​ starches carbohydrates, that can cause blood sugar levels to soar following a​ meal. ​
This is pretty exciting stuff along with chromium, and ​ possibly a​ vanadyl supplement, green tea might be the missing link in proper glucose management.
It is a​ special variety of​ tea that offers many benefits more than any other variety. ​
In order for you to have the best cup of​ green tea, here are some tips on buying green tea
1. ​
Buy it​ in isolation. ​
This is the best route to go if ​ you have conclusively tied a​ result to a​ one particular ingredient. ​

2. ​
Buy a​ trendy fat burner that contains a​ good quantity of​ green tea in its formulation. ​
Containing a​ hearty dose of​ green tea is Xenadrine EFX. ​
There are also lots of​ other products that have the same content as​ well. ​
Be sure to look at ​ the content of​ the product before buying it. ​
Make sure that it​ has the content that will be able to keep you fit and ​ healthy.
3. ​
Drinking green tea is more advisable rather than drinking coffee or​ any kind of​ tea. ​
You really don’t have to spend lots of​ money to get these things in your system. ​
Coffee brings hypertension and ​ infects certain glands in your system. ​
it​ is recommended even by some physicians to intake green tea rather than coffee.
Aside from the tips on buying green tea I ​ think its fair to say that the best green teas comes from China, after all they’ve been producing tea for hundreds of​ years. ​
Green teas are made for masses. ​
Some of​ the best green teas of​ china are Gunpowder, Young Hyson, Chunmee excellent teas and ​ economical, Lung Ching a​ great favorite around the world with good reason, the charming tiny snaillike leaf of​ Bi Lo Chun is one that is gaining favor in the U.S. ​
and the other lesser green teas known that we have been fortunate enough to get are Huang Shan Mao Feng, Tianmu Qing Ding, and ​ Tianmu Yunding all highly recommended.
You should start buying your greens soon after the spring harvest in May and ​ June. ​
Place them in airtight containers and ​ they will last for months without breaking down. ​
Luckily for us, so far away from China, adding a​ little more green tea will help when time comes that we get a​ bit older and ​ in more need of​ a​ clean bill of​ health.

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