Power Networking Getting Your Name Out There

Power Networking Getting Your Name Out There

Power Networking: Getting Your Name Out There!
Today’s economy presents some very special challenges to​ people who are unemployed, underemployed, or​ who are simply trying to​ give their own business venture a​ shot in​ the​ arm .​
At times, the​ job search can seem daunting, if​ not impossible, as​ it​ takes quite a​ bit of​ encouragement – and​ creativity – to​ keep pressing forward .​
a​ highly flexible [power] networking plan is​ important – one that requires out of​ the​ box thinking in​ order to​ increase your chances of​ securing desired employment.

The following is​ a​ list of​ options to​ pursue in​ order to​ launch a​ successful personal marketing plan, which is​ what networking is​ all about .​
Most will cost you little or​ nothing to​ implement and​ for​ the​ cash strapped person that can be a​ real help .​
I​ wrote these suggestions for​ business flight attendants who, understandably, have suffered much since the​ 2001 terrorist attacks .​
You can easily modify the​ suggestions for​ your particular field of​ interest.
1 .​
Attend aviation job fairs [carry plenty of​ business cards and​ copies of​ your résumé with you].
2 .​
Join an​ employment support group.
3 .​
List your résumé with an​ agency.
4 .​
Create an​ online résumé for​ additional exposure.
5 .​
Go to​ retirement parties of​ former associates.
6 .​
Become your local airport’s liaison to​ the​ surrounding community.
7 .​
Attend a​ catering class.
8 .​
Form a​ networking group in​ your area.
9 .​
Go to​ conventions.
10 .​
Attend other aviation related meetings [medical seminars, safety and​ security symposiums, dinners, golf outings, barbecues, fund raisers, 10K races].
11 .​
Serve on an​ aviation related committee as​ a​ volunteer.
12 .​
Volunteer for​ the​ Corporate Angel Network.
13 .​
Accept other types of​ employment within your target company [i.e., dispatcher, sales, customer service, etc.].
14 .​
Write an​ article about some aspect of​ corporate aviation and​ publish it​ online.
15 .​
Organize a​ wine tasting seminar in​ your area or​ approach a​ local caterer/vineyard about being aviation’s representative to​ their business [be prepared to​ offer plenty of​ free publicity for​ them].
16 .​
Work temporarily for​ a​ caterer specializing in​ inflight service.
17 .​
Start a​ part time business by selling a​ product that corporate aviators need.
18 .​
Finally, for​ the​ savvy [some would say nervy] flight attendant the​ following type of​ suggestion could produce dividends: Hang out at​ the​ local after work watering hole where aviation folks gather .​
Learn the​ language [culture] of​ the​ company; find out who the​ movers and​ shakers are, etc.
Some people might accuse you of​ being a​ shameless self promoter, as​ if​ you had a​ contagious disease .​
Let them think the​ worst of​ you while they sit at​ home fretting about work and​ while you are winging your way to​ points hither and​ yon!
Do not be deterred, but start thinking outside the​ parameters you [or others] have imposed on yourself; your goal is​ employment and​ your name is​ golden – as​ such, gold must be prominently displayed in​ order to​ command the​ proper attention [employment] that it​ so richly deserves!

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