Potentials Of After School Programs

With children becoming the​ primary focus of​ society, ways and​ means to​ ensure their safety and​ development are being researched. The Government too has pooled in​ to​ make a​ success of​ such programs.
Here are some of​ the​ reasons why after school programs have become so popular:

1) Preventing Juvenile Delinquency, crime and​ violent victimization:
About 10% of​ juvenile crimes happen between 3 P.M - 4 P.M .
Children need to be kept safe and​ out of​ trouble at​ such times.

2) Preventing alcohol, drug and​ tobacco use.
Risk-taking behavior that seeks to​ establish superiority in​ a​ clan is​ mostly seen in​ 'latchkey' children.
Children in​ their pre-teens, if​ they have a​ meaningful relationship with a​ mentor, are less likely to​indulge in these kinds of​ destructive behavior.

3) Decreases appetite for​ Television:
An average child watches about 23 hours of​ TV per week .​
When enrolled for​ some activity, the​ child utilizes his mental and​ physical skills to​ meet
challenges .​

4) Improving academic achievements

5) Improving school attendance:
More confidence in​ self and​ increased interest in​ school leads to​ greater attendance in​ school .
 A​ program that helps children with their homework also gives the​ child a​ much-needed feeling of​ self-achievement .​

6) Improved behavior and​ inter-personal skills
Children who attend after school activities handle conflict better and​ cooperate more with authority figures .​
7) Closer family and​ community ties.

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