Portsmouth City Guide Including Hotels

Portsmouth City Guide Including Hotels


Portsmouth is​ located on the south coast of​ the scenic county of​ Hampshire. The city has a​ long established historic naval presence. The city of​ Portsmouth was established in​ the year 1623, being a​ community that swears by its influence to​ world history. as​ well as​ being an​ important naval town, Portsmouth has a​ nostalgic feel with it’s cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, museums and famous historic buildings. Boasting over one hundred restaurants, antique shops and a​ huge music hall called the Portsmouth Music Hall. You will fall in​ love with the ambience that this historic city offers as​ well as​ the coastal aspect of​ the place.

Places of​ Interest:

A place of​ historic significance, you can explore Lord Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory and visit Queen Victoria’s battleship, HMS Warrior 1860. You could also have a​ look at​ Henry Vlll’s Mary Rose and retrace the history of​ the Royal Navy at​ the Royal Naval Museum. Other attractions include Charles Dickens’ birthplace, the D-Day Museum featuring the Overlord Embroidery, Southsea Castle, the Royal Marines Museum, and Portsmouth Cathedral.

Royal Marines Museum: This is​ a​ grand museum situated in​ a​ former officers' mess with sweeping stairways, chandeliers and fine paintings. There are also beautiful grounds in​ which you can relax and enjoy a​ quiet picnic with your friends. The Exhibition gallery features a​ talking head of​ Hannah Snell, audiovisual shows, interactive games, and a​ collection of​ over 7,000 medals.

Eastney Beam Engine House Industrial Archaeology: This museum contains a​ pair of​ magnificent James Watt beam engines, stationed in​ their original high Victorian engine house of​ 1887. There are also a​ variety of​ other pumping engines on display here.

Natural History Museum: in​ this museum you can see the geology of​ the Portsmouth area and a​ full-size reconstruction of​ Dinosaur “Iguanodon” and other fossil remains. You can enter here through the Riverbank scene with a​ fresh water aquarium and have a​ look at​ the different kinds of​ fish on display. You can also see the “Ice Age” displays and early mammals and birds here.
The Spinnaker Tower: This is​ one wonder which is​ absolutely breath-taking.You can experience the stunning views from this unique 170m tower, visible from miles around. This is​ the newest landmark which is​ change the skyline of​ Portsmouth!

Aspex Gallery: Here, tourists can experience the most creative and contemporary visual arts; locally, nationally and internationally. There are programs of​ solo, grouped and themed exhibitions mostly centred on the work of​ younger or​ emerging artists.

The 1642 Living History Village, Historic Site, Gosport: This is​ a​ representational Hampshire village set in​ the year 1642. You could go back in​ time and experience this replica of​ how it​ used to​ be with timber and thatched buildings. Occupants dress and speak in​ 17th century style.

Things to​ do:

Portsmouth is​ also called the Waterfront city. it​ has a​ fantastic range of​ restaurants, bars and cafés to​ soothe your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. of​ course, it​ will suit your budget too. as​ far as​ shops are concerned, the choice is​ huge.

Shopping: The Southsea, this major shopping complex has two department stores as​ well as​ a​ range of​ boutique shops. There are florists, diamond merchants and antique dealers; even interior decorators to​ cater to​ your every shopping need. of​ course, the cafes, restaurants and bars are numerous too. There is​ Gunwharf Quays with 80 outlets that sell big brand names for a​ discount prices. it​ is​ open seven days a​ week. The City Centre is​ famous for it’s branded and trendy stores. The shopping precinct on Commercial Road, the indoor mall at​ Cascades, and the street markets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are very popular and well worth a​ visit.

Eating and drinking: There are restaurants and small bistro’s that offer cuisine ranging from Indian to​ Italian, Turkish to​ Thai. if​ you want to​ meet with friends or​ enjoy your weekend, there is​ always a​ themed location to​ drink and socialize.

Special Events: Two of​ Portsmouth's most renowned personalities have events to​ commemorate their lives in​ 2018. “Brunel 200 Portsmouth” will celebrate the 200th anniversary of​ the birth of​ Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was born in​ Portsmouth on 9th of​ April 1806.The famous author Richard Lancelyn Green will be releasing his wonderful collection of​ Conan Doyle-related books, papers and assorted memorabilia in​ the later half of​ 2018.

Transport: Portsmouth has regular bus routes connecting the main visitor areas. in​ fact, a​ new pilot bus service for all you night owls has been inaugurated and is​ operational on Friday and Saturday nights. The Nightrunner will start services from South Parade Pier at​ 1.25am and 2.25 am and at​ Winston Churchill Avenue at​ 1.30am and 2.30am. There are currently 234 licensed taxis working in​ the city providing 24-hour service.

Food and Drink:

Indian Palace: Indian Palace in​ Gunwharf Quays is​ famous for authentic and traditional spicy and tasty Indian and moghlai dishes.

Arbuckles: This small and friendly restaurant is​ famous for chicken and vegetarian burgers. Booking is​ required.

A fistful of​ Tacos: This place at​ South Sea serves authentic sea food and vegeterian dishes as​ well.
Café Citrus is​ a​ popular café bar in​ Albert Road, Southsea. it​ is​ perfect for a​ romantic rendevous or​ a​ friendly get-together.

Hotels and Accomodation:

Whether you are looking for a​ short stay or​ a​ longer holiday, Portsmouth offers a​ comprehensive range of​ accommodation from small, private bed and breakfasts to​ the plusher four-star hotels. it​ is​ always better if​ you reserve your accommodation in​ advance. The tarrif’s for hotels, accomodations and guest houses are generally quoted as​ per person, based on a​ couple sharing, and include VAT (17.5%). All prices for self-catering units are quoted as​ per unit per week inclusive of​ VAT (17.5%).

Inn Lodge Portsmouth
Royal Beach Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn Portsmouth
Tulip Inn Portsmouth
Beaufort Hotel
Best Western Queens Hotel
Seacrest Hotel


The city of​ Portsmouth is​ abuzz with entertainment and activity around the clock. Catering for all diverse tastes such as​ comedy, film, football, live music, bowling, literature and arts. at​ Gunwharf Quays there is​ a​ bowling arena and a​ state of​ the art 12 screen cinema, with a​ further 9 screen cinema at​ Port Solent. The Kings Theatre Trust Limited at​ Albert Road, Portsmouth is​ famous for live music and theatrical events. No 6 Independent Cinema and Vue Cinemas are two of​ the 4 major cinema houses here.

All in​ all, Portsmouth is​ a​ city on the sea packed with a​ beautiful mix of​ history and heritage. Add to​ it​ the variety on offer with it’s bars and restaurants as​ well as​ a​ comprehensive program of​ events, you know that you have discovered the right city to​ spend your holiday or​ short stay. Being situated on the coast is​ a​ huge bonus too!.

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