Popularity Of Dental Insurance

Popularity Of Dental Insurance

Popularity of​ Dental Insurance
The benefits of​ dental insurance coverage have been further stressed upon by the​ popular icons on​ the​ television,​ who always seem to​ have flashing white flawless teeth. These teeth are a​ result of​ care,​ expensive dental care and thus need for expensive group dental insurance plans provided by insurance companies that reducing in​ number by the​ day.
Group dental insurance plans have been growing rapidly placed in​ the​ niche market of​ employee benefit programs. a​ few years back,​ dental insurance was a​ nondescript part of​ employee benefit programs and very simple to​ plan and execute. Most plans used were for full coverage of​ preventive care and cleaning,​ 80% coverage for basic restoration and 50% coverage for major restorative services like crowns and bridges. Despite advice many employees never visited their dentists resulting in​ the​ overall cost of​ insurance being low and stable compared to​ general health benefit plans which rose year after year. For many years dental insurance was a​ simple rider for employers who took it​ major plans from big insurance companies.
The last few years saw a​ spurt in​ television advertising and as​ the​ smiles brightened on​ the​ idiot box,​ the​ importance of​ whiter smiles and straighter teeth became apparent and people started taking more interest in​ dental care. This in​ turn saw a​ spurt in​ rise of​ dental insurance premiums almost at​ the​ rate of​ 710% a​ year. This rate is​ significant and big employers started looking at​ it​ with a​ bigger eye. This tells on​ the​ bottomline of​ the​ company since the​ employee benefit expenses are going up due to​ this rise. the​ dental insurance costs about 10% of​ the​ total employee benefits for a​ corporate today. So the​ rise in​ premium year after year,​ pushes the​ total employee benefit expenses 1% higher year after year.
Employers arent paying that much attention yet,​ but considering the​ way dental plans are evolving,​ they should,​ says Donald S. Mayes,​ dental plan auditor and consultant from Hershey,​ Pennsylvania.
Dental Insurance plans,​ as​ a​ part of​ employment package have also increased in​ popularity. So big companies,​ to​ recruit and retain their employees cannot do away with these plans; at​ the​ same time have to​ watch the​ cost going upward. a​ Catch 22 decision is​ awaited.

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