Popular Casino Card Game

Popular Casino Card Game

Blackjack is​ usually a​ quiet game in​ the​ casino. You may see onlookers standing around the​ table but you don’t hear the​ cheering and the​ shouting that accompanies the​ game of​ craps. Blackjack is​ a​ very popular game both online and in​ the​ brick and mortar casino. the​ game is​ popular because it​ is​ simple to​ learn,​ easy to​ play and is​ winnable if​ the​ player learns strategy. the​ game is​ not a​ new game. it​ is​ descended from the​ French game Vingt et Un,​ which means twenty-one in​ French.

The player just has to​ total the​ cards according to​ the​ following scale: picture cards and tens are valued at​ ten points,​ an​ ace is​ valued as​ one or​ eleven points and the​ remainder of​ the​ cards at​ valued at​ face value. a​ ten point card and an​ ace on​ the​ deal are called blackjack. This is​ payable at​ three to​ two and is​ paid off immediately. if​ the​ player doesn’t have blackjack,​ then the​ question is​ what should the​ player do? This is​ where strategy comes in​ by telling the​ player what the​ statistically best move is​ for each situation. the​ player who learns strategy and plays by strategy has the​ best chance of​ winning. This is​ why it​ behooves the​ player to​ learn strategy if​ he is​ going to​ play for real money. Many people who play the​ game once in​ a​ while don’t even know that there is​ such a​ thing as​ strategy. These obviously,​ are not the​ serious players.

Class for Card Counters

Blackjack is​ a​ game of​ strategy and skill. it​ is​ a​ game where the​ house advantage can be lowered to​ less than one percent by playing according to​ basic strategy. the​ players can lower the​ house edge even further by using card counting. Card counting is​ not a​ new strategy. it​ is​ based on​ the​ idea that the​ player increases or​ decreases his wagers based on​ the​ idea that the​ deck is​ or​ isn’t favorable to​ the​ players. the​ deck is​ favorable to​ the​ players when it​ is​ rich in​ high cards because the​ dealer has to​ draw on​ a​ hand of​ sixteen of​ higher.

A deck rich in​ high cards results in​ the​ dealer having a​ better chance of​ going bust. This is​ a​ situation where the​ player would increase his wagers since he also stands a​ better chance of​ scoring twenty-one with the​ high card rich deck. There are different techniques of​ card counting. There is​ a​ method called the​ Golden Touch Blackjack that is​ a​ two day course taught by Henry Tamburin and Frank Scoblete. They teach a​ method they call speed counting. the​ course is​ not cheap – it​ costs $895 for the​ two day course which covers many aspects of​ the​ game of​ blackjack. Interested parties can find more information on​ their website at​ goldentouchblackjack.com,​ including the​ dates of​ the​ scheduled courses. For those who are looking for a​ structured intensive land-based course,​ take a​ look at​ this one and see if​ it​ is​ of​ interest.

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