Poor Nutrition And Its Impact On Psychological And Sexual Health

Poor Nutrition and Its Impact on​ Psychological and Sexual Health
Promoting sexual health is​ not just a​ matter of​ good hygiene or​ preventing infectious diseases that undermine ones sexual health. it​ also entails having a​ good and balanced diet. Good food allows the​ body to​ acquire various nutrients that are needed by the​ internal organs to​ function well. Even the​ skin is​ rejuvenated through the​ consumption of​ nutritious meals and water.
The lack of​ a​ balanced,​ nutritious diet could possibly expose a​ person to​ several physiological problems. Women,​ for example,​ could experience irregular periods or​ even totally miss several periods due to​ overeating and overexercise. Amenorrhea,​ or​ the​ absence of​ menstrual periods,​ is​ even welcomed by young women because they are pleased that they no longer need to​ use a​ tampon or​ sanitary napkin. However,​ what is​ not often realized by these women is​ that missing menstrual periods may already be a​ sign of​ decreased estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels as​ well as​ overtraining can lead to​ osteoporosis Women who lack calcium intake can also develop a​ higher risk of​ osteoporosis or​ brittle bone syndrome. Osteoporosis causes a​ womans bone density to​ decrease,​ leaving her skeletal system weak and vulnerable to​ fractures. Low estrogen levels during the​ peak years of​ bonebuilding through the​ preteen and teen years,​ can affect bone density for the​ rest of​ your life. Bone growth lost during these years cannot be regained.
Poor nutrition can also cause other delays or​ problems in​ physical development among women. These adverse effects of​ malnutrition may include underdevelopment of​ mammary glands,​ hormonal imbalance,​ stunted growth,​ weakness,​ anemia,​ internal organ failure,​ and even difficulty in​ conception.
Improper eating habits can also cause some women to​ develop psychological problems. Anorexia and bulimia are two of​ the​ most common eating disorders reported today especially among younger women. More than just being drawn into a​ pattern of​ nearfatal undereating. Selfinflicted starvation is​ a​ very dangerous effect of​ having an imbalanced sense of​ selfworth and selfimage. Young women who believe that she can can never be too thin starve themselves almost to​ the​ point of​ death.
Other psychological problems may also be caused by hormonal changes in​ a​ womans body. These hormonal changes usually trigger symptoms of​ depression,​ sleeping difficulties,​ oversensitivity,​ mood swings,​ and anxiety. in​ extreme cases,​ women with psychological problems may even attempt suicide. Specifically,​ changes in​ thyroid hormone levels can cause symptoms of​ depression including mood swings,​ irritability,​ fatigue,​ lack of​ concentration,​ sleeping problems,​ and weight gain. Women with eating disorders can also expose themselves to​ bullying especially when others see them as​ being different,​ weird,​ or​ weak.
Among men,​ hormonal changes are also caused by poor nutrition. Overexercise or​ overtraining also causes a​ sharp decline in​ male testosterone levels. Men with testosterone problems usually suffer from low sperm count,​ lack of​ sex drive,​ and erection problems.
Indeed,​ food is​ not only for the​ stomach. Good and proper nutrition is​ also essential to​ male and female health,​ especially in​ the​ area of​ sexual ability and performance. By eating the​ right kinds and amounts of​ food plus getting sufficient rest and exercise,​ men and women can improve their sexual performance and overall sense of​ wellbeing.

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