Pool Tournament Eve And Cant Sleep.

Pool Tournament Eve And Cant Sleep.

The title Pool Tournament Eve above would be more accurate if​ it​ said day instead of​ eve. as​ I type this article, 4:36 in​ the morning, March 1, 2018, I should be sleeping.

Tomorrow is​ the annual Dr Cue Tournament here in​ Pueblo Colorado. Billiards is​ pretty popular here in​ Pueblo. This tournament is​ the largest held here. Players come from all over the State of​ Colorado and sometimes a​ few other states. We have 2 BCA (Billiards Congress of​ America) National Champions residing here in​ Pueblo along with many other players who shoot lights out.

Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman) puts on a​ trick shot exhibition the night before the tournament. I attended this show last night where I payed my entry fee of​ $40 and watched Tom put on a​ great show as​ usual.

The pool hall where this tournament is​ played is​ about 15 minutes from my house. I made it​ home by 10:30 PM and finally fell asleep around 11:30. Right on nice job. Get some rest before the tournament. Not.

My eyes popped open around five till two and I have not been able to​ get back to​ sleep. Thursday night wasn’t much better because I only slept about 4 hours. I am hoping that writing this post gets me tired.

I will be bringing my lap top to​ this tournament and plan to​ report on the event between my matches. I will also be bringing my video camera which is​ also a​ pretty cool digital camera. This should make for some cool reporting and hopefully some interesting and exciting content.

Between a​ couple of​ brain freeze attacks and and watching some billiards on my DVR another half hour has gone by. it​ is​ now 5 in​ the morning and I must be present in​ the pool hall by 10:00 AM. Ouch. Don’t they know that pool players are not early risers by nature?

Well maybe my plan is​ working. I just experienced a​ yawning attack. I think I will attempt to​ get about 3 or​ 4 more hours sleep time in​ before the big Dr Cue Pool Tournament today.

That’s it​ for now.

To Your Run Out Success,


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