Pool Table Review

Pool Table Review

This pool table review is​ to​ help you when choosing a​ new table. I have written many articles about billiards tables. You can check them all out from the links in​ my blog.

I have owned several pool tables in​ the 25 plus years that I have been playing the game. The first table that I played on was a​ 4Œ x 8Œ table and it​ was given to​ my dad by someone that he worked with. I was about 10 years old at​ the time.

When I reached the age of​ 15, I would sneak off to​ the tavern down the road and play on their bar box. This was one of​ those old style bar tables with the big cue ball. (I still do not like playing with the big cue ball very much)

I moved out of​ my parents house at​ age 18 and my cousin and I purchased a​ 4Œ x 8Œ Brunswick table for the house that we moved in​ to. This table was played heavily and we went through a​ couple of​ rounds of​ new felt in​ a​ short period of​ time.

The felt or​ cloth is​ actually one of​ the most important things about a​ table because it​ will be a​ major factor as​ to​ if​ the table plays fast or​ slow. (I do not recommend a​ cloth with a​ backing. it​ slows the ball down big time) My favorite billiards cloth is​ Simonis 860.

When I turned 21 a​ friend an​ I set up a​ little pool hall in​ a​ building that my family owned. We purchased two 4 and 1/2Œ by 9Œ tables. One was a​ Circle G Gandy and the other was a​ Murray. Both tables played good and the Murray played extremely fast off the rails. We also purchased four 3 and 1/2Œ by 7Œ Valley bar tables.

I currently have one of​ the 7 foot Valley tables in​ my house now. I chose to​ keep that one because most league play and at​ that time the BCA National Tournament in​ Las Vegas were all played on a​ 7 Valley pool table.

The BCA and APA have now switched to​ the Diamond Smart Tables. These play nice and the tavern that sponsors my team has 6 of​ them. (Diamond Jimfs) These are the only Diamond tables in​ Pueblo Colorado at​ the time of​ this writing. The Diamond Table is​ definitely one of​ my favorite to​ play on and I am keeping my eyes peeled for my house.

I would have to​ say that out of​ all the tables that I have played in​ the past, my favorite would be a​ 9Œ Brunswick Gold Crown with tight pockets and Simonis 860 cloth. You have to​ be in​ stroke pretty good to​ run a​ rack on one of​ these tables.

There are several pool table articles on my pool-billiards-game dot com website. There is​ even a​ page which shows what size of​ a​ room is​ necessary for comfortable play on various sized billiard tables. I hope this article gives you some things to​ consider when choosing your table.

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