Poodles One Adorable Dog In Many Convenient Sizes

People love their poodles! a​ very popular but often misunderstood breed of​ dog,​ the​ poodle has been with us for centuries. Artifacts from ancient Egypt and Rome have been found bearing the​ images of​ poodles engaged in​ such activities as​ herding animals,​ retrieving game animals (small game animals,​ of​ course – especially birds),​ and assisting the​ dragging of​ game nets. in​ fact,​ the​ intentional breeding of​ various sized poodles (the American Kennel Club or​ AKC recognizes three sizes of​ poodles – Standard,​ Miniature,​ and Toy – which are all considered to​ be the​ same breed) likely dates back hundreds of​ years as​ opposed to​ other types of​ dogs which were bred this way only recently. Suffice to​ say that there have been oodles of​ poodles roaming the​ Earth for a​ very long time.

Defining the​ Poodles’ Sizes

The three sizes of​ poodle have distinct definitions according to​ the​ AKC. For purposes of​ competition in​ dog shows,​ the​ different sizes are determined by the​ poodle’s height at​ the​ shoulder. Standard poodles are defined by being taller than fifteen inches at​ the​ shoulder. Miniature poodles must stand no more than fifteen inches but more than ten inches at​ the​ shoulder,​ and Toy poodles must be ten inches or​ less. Recently breeders have been offering Teacup poodles as​ well. While the​ AKC does not recognize the​ Teacup distinction,​ most breeders consider a​ poodle that stands eight inches or​ less at​ the​ shoulder when full grown to​ be a​ Teacup poodle. Teacup poodles are proving to​ be very popular and fetch some of​ the​ higher prices for poodle pups.

Poodle Popularity

The popularity of​ poodles is​ particularly due to​ a​ plethora of​ pleasant attributes in​ poodle personalities. Poodles are proud dogs and usually very active. it​ is​ said that the​ poodle carries an​ air of​ regal dignity unseen in​ other breeds of​ dog. Some poodles,​ however,​ can be exceptionally shy while others may be very cross creatures. These are the​ exception rather than the​ rule. Generally speaking,​ pet poodles please people.

Primping the​ Poodle

Poodle grooming is​ nearly an​ art form and there are four generally accepted styles used for show poodles. These are called “show quality clips” and generally include shaping the​ poodle’s coat to​ exact specifications in​ some areas while completely shaving other areas. These four show quality poodle cuts are the​ Puppy Show Clip,​ English Saddle Clip,​ Continental Clip,​ and Sporting Clip. in​ addition to​ these there are five common “pet quality” poodle clips that are employed with non-show dogs. They are known as​ the​ Kennel Clip,​ Dutch Clip (there are two styles of​ Dutch clip),​ Bikini Clip,​ and Puppy Pet Clip.

For those thinking about becoming poodle owners,​ the​ AKC has plenty of​ information on​ what to​ look for in​ a​ purebred poodle. the​ can help potential poodle procurers avoid unnecessary poodle pitfalls and start on​ the​ road to​ a​ long and happy relationship of​ poodle puppy love.

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