Pomeranian Standard Does Your Dog Measure Up And Does It Matter

Pomeranian Standard Does Your Dog Measure Up And Does It Matter

Pomeranians are a​ special breed of​ toy dog. They are loyal,​ energetic and protective towards their owners. Pomeranians are full of​ character and many people fall in​ love with their friendly faces. They are also a​ happy dog most of​ the​ time and very noticeable as​ well. They like to​ jump and with their two front paws they will wave at​ you.

Pomeranians love to​ be shown off. Whether it’s during a​ walk and they insist of​ socializing with any dog in​ your path,​ or​ at​ shows. They are courageous to​ a​ fault and will not be afraid of​ even the​ largest dogs.

According to​ the​ American Kennel Club the​ ideal Pomeranian has the​ following characteristics:

General Appearance:

The Pomeranian is​ a​ compact active toy dog. the​ Pomeranian has a​ soft,​ thick undercoat and a​ profuse,​ harsher textured out coat. the​ Pomeranian has a​ thick plumed tail lies flat on​ his back. the​ Pomeranian has an​ alert character and has an​ intelligent expression. He has an​ inquisitive nature and can be cocky,​ commanding and animated in​ his gait.

Size,​ Proportion,​ Substance

The ideal show specimen is​ between 4 - 6 pounds. the​ Pomeranian shouldn't weigh any less than 3 pounds and no more than 7 pounds. the​ Pomeranian is​ medium boned and the​ length of​ his legs is​ in​ proportion to​ his well-balanced overall frame.


The head must be in​ balance with the​ body. the​ muzzle of​ the​ Pomeranian is​ short,​ straight,​ fine and never snippy. His expression is​ alert. the​ skull is​ closed. the​ top of​ the​ skull is​ slightly rounded. the​ ears are small and mounted high. the​ ears are carried erect. the​ eyes are almond shaped,​ dark,​ bright and medium in​ size. the​ eyes are set well into the​ head. the​ Pomeranian has black pigmentation on​ the​ nose and around the​ eyes. the​ teeth meet in​ a​ scissors bite.

Major faults:

- Round domed skull
- Undershot mouth
- Overshot mouth

Neck,​ Topline,​ Body

The Pomeranian has a​ short neck well set into the​ shoulders. the​ head is​ carried high. the​ topline is​ level and the​ back is​ short. the​ Pomeranian has a​ compact. Well-ribbed brisket which reaches the​ elbow. One of​ the​ characteristics of​ the​ breed is​ the​ plumed tail,​ which lies flat and straight on​ the​ back.


The shoulders and legs are moderately muscular. the​ shoulder blade and the​ upper arm are equal in​ length. the​ forelegs are straight and parallel. the​ pasterns are straight and strong. the​ feet are arched,​ compact and straight. Dewclaws may be removed.

Major fault:

Down in​ pasterns

The hindquarters are angled in​ such a​ way as​ to​ balance out the​ forequarters. the​ Pomeranian's buttocks are well behind the​ tail. the​ thighs are moderately muscled with stifles that are moderately bent and well defined. the​ hocks are set perpendicularly to​ the​ ground. the​ legs are straight.

Major faults:

Lack of​ soundness in​ hind legs or​ stifles


The Pomeranians gait is​ smooth and free. His gait is​ balanced and vigorous. He has a​ good reach with his forequarters and strong drive with the​ hindquarters.


The Pomeranians coat is​ its glory. the​ undercoat is​ thick and fluffy; the​ top coat is​ long and straight.


The American Kennel Club recognizes 13 colors and color combinations in​ Pomeranians.


Pomeranians are energetic and lovable. They are rated the​ 23rd most intelligent dog (out of​ 79 breeds) by Stanley Coren is​ his publication "The Intelligence of​ Dogs".

Pomeranians require regular grooming. They house train and are easier to​ train than the​ other toy breeds. They are suitable for people living in​ apartments and those with limited space for a​ pet. With proper care the​ Pomeranian can live a​ long life - until 15 or​ 16 years.

Finally please note that just because your Pomeranian or​ the​ one you​ plan on​ purchasing may not quite measure up to​ these standards. These are the​ standards if​ you​ plan on​ showing your Pomeranian and if​ you​ don’t then these guidelines don’t mean anything. Every Pomeranian is​ perfect just the​ way it​ is.

Intelligent,​ courageous and loyal - what more could you​ ask for in​ your furry companion?

Pomeranian Standard Does Your Dog Measure Up And Does It Matter

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