Poker Strategy Tip How To Advertise

Poker Strategy Tip How To Advertise

You can use many methods to​ keep others from telling your moves. Let just think of​ trying for​ free cards bluffing, check then raising, semi-bluffing, and​ slow –play are some of​ them. Still this is​ not all because there is​ a​ more different and​ sophisticated way. This type of​ play is​ called an​ advertising play. it​ basically means that you will play badly, crazy and​ do all the​ wrong moves when you are sure everyone can see that. By doing this you will lose hands for​ nothing and​ mess with the​ other players heads, misleading them, but after a​ while you can play good poker and​ win big from those exact players. Advertising plays must be done only with persons you are sure you will play again so you can benefit from them. There is​ no point in​ advertising a​ play on a​ table where you won’t stay and​ with players that won’t see you again.

There are certain types of​ hands you should consider advertising first, they have priority because they are easy to​ advertise and​ most importantly they will get you a​ believable play overall. When you engage yourself into an​ advertising play you must not do it​ with whatever hand you might have. Choose carefully the​ hands that you will advertise so that it​ looks real and​ you still stand a​ decent chance on winning the​ pot. Advertising plays like 3-9 in​ the​ first position are just bad moves and​ won’t help you create that image you are going for. They will just make you lose and​ show you don’t know how to​ play poker, and​ that is​ not your purpose here. the​ best way to​ advertise your play is​ to​ play little connectors like 7-8 suited, 5-6 suited and​ Ace with another card suited or​ small pairs. Play these hands very aggressively when you get them and​ want to​ advertise your play but make sure it​ gets noticed otherwise it​ will all be in​ vain.

For example let’s say you have a​ hand of​ 7-8 suited. You are in​ first position, so normally you would just drop this hand. When you intend to​ advertise, you will have to​ bet with this hand, raise and​ re-raise until you work your way up to​ the​ river. or​ if​ you are last, you will re-raise the​ bets that have been made so far and​ continue with the​ aggressive streak of​ moves from there on. Occasionally you might get caught with your reckless bluffs on the​ river. You have to​ be absolutely positive that everyone at​ the​ table sees your hand so they can all realize with wonder how badly you played such a​ hand.

Still, on rare occasions you might get lucky and​ win the​ pot. in​ this case don’t show the​ hand, it​ is​ better this way. the​ bright side is​ that you won money you wouldn’t have normally played for​ and​ you can begin the​ advertising “campaign” right after that with the​ new unexpected funds sitted right beside you.

So, a​ little advertising and​ then back to​ normal so you can play them. Once they saw your way of​ playing they will make bets and​ calls on you because they still think you are playing crazy. This is​ the​ advantage you now hold on your opponents and​ this way you will get them bet lots of​ money on mediocre hands, thinking they are doing the​ right thing and​ you are again holding a​ bad hand.

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