Pointers For Web Designers

Pointers For Web Designers

For some, web design is​ as​ easy as​ 1, 2, 3. But many web designers have fallen prey to​ marketing tricks that made web design more complicated. Sometimes you come across a​ web site that looks good with a​ particular browser but when viewed with a​ different browser you cannot even read the​ text. What is​ worse is​ that with the​ different operating system available today, these sites may not be seen properly by some of​ the​ surfers.

Creating a​ good website requires good web copy, easy and​ spontaneous site navigation, good graphic design and​ sound site layout. Thus, the​ goal of​ most website designer is​ to​ create an​ easily accessible, creative and​ functional website that will convince visitors to​ make some action.

Say for​ example you have a​ web site that sells jewelries online. the​ fact that the​ site cannot be viewed by the​ users means losses to​ you and​ failed investment. So when designing websites it​ is​ important that designers exercise creativity, skill and​ technical prowess in​ order to​ create a​ site that translates into profit.

Here are a​ few guidelines that can be considered as​ a​ rule of​ thumb by web designers.

Use images. a​ picture is​ worth a​ thousand words. Pictures enhance the​ look of​ the​ page. But see to​ it​ that you do not go overboard and​ stuff your page with a​ lot of​ images. Keep in​ mind that the​ average time to​ load a​ page should be five seconds. if​ your page takes longer than that the​ visitor may click away and​ surf some other site.

Consider the​ content. People use the​ internet to​ gain information. So, as​ much as​ possible you want your visitors to​ gain a​ lot of​ information and​ knowledge from your site. Poor grammar and​ spelling will reduce your credibility and​ reputation. You would not want this to​ happen so make sure that your site provides valuable information or​ else your visitor will again click away from your site.

Site navigation. Functionality and​ navigability should come before artistic excellence. Site navigation should be simple, easy and​ spontaneous. It’s no use making your site artistic if​ users cannot navigate around it.

Browser compatibility. There are hundreds of​ browsers in​ use today. Hence, you must design your website to​ work properly in​ the​ most widely used browser.

Likewise, occasionally test all site links to​ make sure that they are valid. Nothing discourages a​ visitor off faster than broken links.

Simply put a​ good web design is​ a​ combination of​ good planning and​ common sense. a​ good website is​ like a​ good storefront – it​ could mean the​ difference between a​ casual visitor and​ a​ serious customer. Remember that your visitor is​ the​ king. Hence, it​ is​ important to​ make them happy and​ to​ keep them happy.

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