Pointe Shoes Shopping For Your First Pair

Pointe Shoes- Shopping for​ Your First Pair
Getting your first pair of​ pointe shoes is​ a​ memory not soon forgotten .​
From the​ first blisters to​ the​ spotlight at​ the​ recital, your shoes will carry you to​ fulfill your dancing dreams.
It is​ important to​ have your pointe shoes fitted by someone who understands the​ shoe’s purpose and​ the​ dancer’s body’s demands .​
Be certain to​ ask about the​ credentials of​ the​ person doing your fitting, especially if​ you have concerns about their understanding of​ your needs .​

When you go in​ for​ your fitting, bring thin socks or​ tights to​ wear in​ order to​ keep the​ shoes clean and​ create an​ accurate fit .​
Ask your teacher if​ she has any shoe preferences and​ any padding suggestions .​
Understand the​ demands that will be on your shoes by knowing the​ number of​ classes per week that you will be taking on pointe and​ the​ duration of​ those classes .​
Call ahead for​ an​ appointment whenever possible to​ insure individualized service.
Once you find the​ shoes you like, test them .​
Take them off, walk around for​ a​ few minutes, and​ then try them on again .​
if​ they still feel right to​ you and​ look right to​ your teacher or​ fitting professional, chances are you have found your best starting shoe.
If you have any concerns, considering taking the​ shoes in​ to​ your teacher for​ a​ second opinion .​
Ask about the​ exchange policy before purchasing the​ shoes .​
if​ you are getting a​ second opinion, wear clean tights while trying on the​ shoes and​ use a​ clean towel over the​ floor .​
Do not bend, crush, or​ otherwise try to​ break in​ the​ shoes until you are certain you want to​ keep them .​

Above all, enjoy the​ experience .​
To this day I​ look back with a​ smile on my face to​ the​ time when I​ bought my first pair of​ pointe shoes .​
It is​ a​ joy that brings with it​ new challenges and​ experiences that will help you to​ grow as​ a​ dancer.

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