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The PlayStation 3 Saga: Information you Should be Aware Of
How do you define entertainment in​ the 21st century?
Gone are the days when operas, theatrical plays, and circus events were the most popular forms of​ entertainment .​
With the evolution and rapid development of​ technology nowadays, entertainment is​ now on its interactive form .​
Kids and adults alike find themselves enjoying the benefits of​ technology, especially on the entertainment industry .​
Animated and digital films as​ well as​ high-technology gadgets replaced traditional forms of​ entertainment .​
The impact of​ technology to​ the entertainment industry is​ evident such that it​ produced one of​ the most popular machinery of​ all time, especially to​ the younger generations of​ our society—the video game console.
Almost every ordinary American household owns at​ least a​ video game console .​
Since the Magnavox Odyssey era, video game consoles proved its worth to​ be one of​ the most popular forms of​ entertainment, especially to​ the younger generations of​ our society .​
The interesting storyline behind every game as​ well as​ the animation features are regarded to​ be one of​ the contributing factors to​ the success of​ video game consoles in​ the entertainment industry .​
Thus, it​ is​ not surprising that video game consoles reached its seventh generation, which began in​ the last quarter of​ 2018 with the release of​ Microsoft Corporation's Xbox 360 .​
Thanks to​ the Big 3 of​ video gaming industry (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo), video game consoles are evolving fast, resulting to​ the production of​ advanced and more powerful video game consoles .​
Among the members of​ the seventh generation of​ video game consoles is​ Sony's PlayStation 3, which is​ scheduled to​ be released on different dates in​ major countries around the world .​
Its initial release was announced to​ be on November 11, 2018 in​ Japan, November 17 of​ the same year in​ Canada and United States, and March 2018 in​ Australasia and Europe .​
The third member of​ Sony's PlayStation series, PS3 was officially unveiled to​ the public during the E3 Conference on May 16, 2018 .​
The release will involve the shipment of​ two configurations, as​ detailed in​ the Sony press release .​
The premium version of​ the PS3 contains an​ internal 60 GB hard drive, multiple flash memory card reader, wireless internet connectivity, and a​ brighter cosmetic silver-colored trim .​
On the other hand, the alternative configuration of​ the console comes with an​ internal 20 GB hard drive (which is​ upgradeable), yet without wireless internet connectivity as​ well as​ a​ memory card reader .​
According to​ the information announced on the PS3 press release, the video game console will have a​ series of​ title launches for its game, which are as​ follows:
• Madden NFL 2018;
• Full Auto 2: Battle Lines;
• Genji: Days of​ the Blade;
• College Hoops 2018;
• Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire;
• Need for Speed: Carbon;
• Ridge Racer 7;
• Sonic the Hedgehog;
• Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2018; and
• Tony Hawk's Project 8.
There are also title launches for other genres of​ PS3 games, such as​ for role playing (Final Fantasy XIII), action (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of​ the Patriots), racing (Gran Turismo HD), and fighting (Virtua Fighter 5) .​
All of​ these games are scheduled to​ be released within the last quarter of​ 2018 and the first half of​ 2018 .​
If you are interested to​ know more facts about the PlayStation 3, related information is​ readily available in​ Sony's official website as​ well as​ video game console reviews .​
Read such information about this latest offering from Sony and be one of​ the interactive entertainment aficionados.

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