Play The Game Safely With The Right Baseball Catching Equipment

Play The Game Safely With The Right Baseball Catching Equipment

Take me out to​ the​ old ball game has been the​ theme song for​ America's favorite past time for​ decades. We're talking of​ course about baseball! Although many sports need a​ lot of​ room or​ equipment, an​ informal baseball game is​ relatively easy to​ organize with a​ little effort and​ some basic baseball and​ catching equipment. Other sports may actually be more popular in​ certain areas of​ the​ country than baseball but it's this all American game that is​ tied into our culture through years of​ play

It's a​ game that needs little in​ the​ way of​ equipment and​ many a​ kid has whiled away the​ summer playing baseball with the​ local neighbors using little more than a​ solid stick, some flattened paper boxes for​ bases and​ a​ ball. of​ course, with the​ growth of​ the​ sport, (and the​ involvement of​ adults) the​ number of​ injuries also have increased, and​ sometimes dramatically. Even the​ most informal baseball game needs some basic equipment to​ be able to​ play and​ more importantly play safely.

Two of​ the​ most important pieces of​ equipment that should be considered absolutely necessary for​ safety are batting helmets and​ catchers protection. Batting helmets protect the​ batter from accidental beaning from an​ errant pitch. Although it​ doesn't happen often, a​ wild pitch can happen and​ cause serious damage.

The same type of​ scenario can also injure the​ catcher. Baseball catching equipment should always be available for​ both teams catchers. Catcher equipment at​ a​ minimum should include a​ full helmet, face guard, chest protection and​ for​ the​ guys an​ impact resistant protective safety cup for​ the​ privates. Knee and​ shin pads should also be considered and​ though important, if​ it's a​ choice due to​ limited finances, start at​ the​ top of​ this list and​ work down.

A final piece of​ equipment that I consider to​ be absolutely essential is​ a​ mouth piece for​ teeth protection. All it​ takes is​ 1 ball to​ cause thousands of​ dollars in​ dental damage. the​ pain and​ cost just aren't worth going without this little piece of​ plastic that costs around 5 bucks. I wouldn't necessarily expect a​ mouth protector to​ be worn by everyone at​ all times, but would definitely insist it's use when batting, by the​ catcher and​ probably the​ pitcher.

In the​ end, the​ right equipment can go a​ long way to​ making the​ great memories of​ childhood.

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