Plasma Tvs The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Plasma Tvs The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Plasma Tv's the​ Good, the​ Bad, and​ the​ Ugly
Plasma televisions have come a​ long way since they first appeared about a​ decade ago and​ they have become the​ newest must-have home appliance there is​ on the​ market .​
They're flat, hip and​ offer stunning images unlike anything we've seen on older television models before .​
Plasma televisions do seem to​ have it​ all, but are they the​ answer to​ all our home entertainment prayers or​ just a​ trend? Unfortunately, plasma televisions have a​ few disadvantages.
The cost
This is​ the​ number one consideration for​ many videophiles and​ plasma televisions are not cheap at​ all .​
When they first came out in​ the​ 90s, the​ price tag for​ plasma television sets showed a​ whopping $10000 .​
That forms a​ part of​ a​ regular home mortgage and​ enough to​ have consumers running in​ the​ opposite direction.
These days, though, the​ price has calmed down thanks to​ better production practices and​ the​ magic of​ demand .​
In fact, a​ good-sized brand-name plasma TV costs at​ least $2500 .​
That's still the​ price of​ about three regular TVs with a​ few video CDs thrown in .​
Compared to​ its nearest rival, the​ LCD TV, plasma televisions, one of​ its disadvantages, still cost more.
But with the​ price comes quality .​
Nowhere else can you find the​ kind of​ high-definition viewing pleasure that plasma televisions can offer .​
if​ their price is​ a​ disadvantage, they more than make up for​ it​ with their quality .​
Besides, for​ a​ genuine videophile, plasma televisions have a​ short return on investment and​ they will more than make up for​ their price in​ a​ few years .​
if​ you think of​ that, that's not really a​ disadvantage of​ having a​ plasma television now, is​ it?
Life span
Plasma televisions had a​ notorious reputation for​ conking out after a​ given set of​ viewing hours .​

In 2004, plasma televisions offered a​ disadvantageous 20,000 hours of​ viewing pleasure .​
Compare that to​ an​ LCD TV's 50,000 hours.
These days, however, plasma televisions have improved and​ been given longer life spans .​
Depending on the​ brand, plasma TVs have a​ half-life of​ 60,000 hours .​
if​ you're a​ normal person with a​ normal family having normal TV viewing hours, that should not be considered a​ disadvantage .​
Imagine this: if​ you spend at​ least 5 hours in​ front of​ your plasma TV, that will translate to​ about 33 years of​ use.
The viewing hours do not indicate an​ expiry date for​ your plasma television .​
the​ number of​ hours refers to​ the​ plasma TV's half-life, or​ the​ time when your TV screen burns at​ half of​ its original brightness.
Burn in​ issues
This is​ another disadvantage of​ plasma televisions .​
Plasma TVs are called that way thanks to​ the​ thousands of​ minute fluorescent lights in​ the​ screen .​
These lights are filled with gas which burn each time the​ TV is​ used .​
This is​ a​ good thing, because compared to​ the​ LCD and​ the​ older CRT TVs, a​ plasma TV need only light up when they're needed .​
LCD panels are like one big light bulb that is​ always turned on.
With regular TV use, that's really not a​ problem .​
the​ disadvantage appears when you display a​ static image on screen .​
What's a​ static image? if​ you're an​ HBO fan and​ you have your plasma television turned on to​ HBO for​ hours on end, pretty soon you'll notice a​ faint HBO logo on your screen even when you're turned on to​ ESPN or​ another channel.
That is​ also an​ issue if​ you're a​ heavy video game user .​
if​ you hook up your video game console to​ your plasma TV and​ play all day for​ days upon days, the​ hours of​ playing will burn in​ the​ image of, say, the​ life meter on your plasma screen .​
That will be a​ little embarrassing especially if​ you're having friends over and​ they'll see a​ shadowy image of​ your otherworldly pursuits right in​ front of​ their eyes.
But then again, the​ risk of​ burn-in only becomes a​ real threat and​ disadvantage if​ you use the​ plasma TV full blast .​
You can always cheat by reducing the​ TV's contrast to​ just 50%.
With every new technology, there are always good points and​ bad and​ plasma televisions are not free from these issues .​
In the​ game of​ 'who's-the-better-tv', there really is​ no one clear winner .​
if​ you choose a​ plasma television, then it's only because you like what you see, you can afford it​ and​ you can handle the​ disadvantages of​ a​ plasma television while enjoying the​ advantages.

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