Planning Your Web Hosting Reseller Plan

Planning Your Web Hosting Reseller Plan

The reselling of​ web hosting services became a​ profitable business. With an​ investment of​ one hundred dollars, you can get up to​ one thousand, but this involves a​ lot of​ work by your side of​ course. Each important company has a​ web hosting reseller plan and​ many times, it​ includes a​ dedicated server for​ your hosting account.

Reselling web hosting services means to​ split up the​ bandwidth and​ the​ disk space to​ lots of​ smaller customers, and​ main objective is​ to​ get from your clients at​ least the​ money you have spent for​ your reseller account (on the​ other hand - why not to​ get 20-30% more that you pay for​ your web hosting reseller plan?). You will be able to​ provide the​ high quality web hosting services to​ your customers without being forced to​ learn everything about server maintenance or​ work with sophisticated hardware equipment.

Before you rent a​ dedicated server, you should learn how to​ use a​ reseller control panel otherwise you may lose lot of​ precious time. the​ giant companies that provide web hosting reseller plans include also a​ software program called Control Panel, which helps you to​ administrate everything that can be managed on your server. the​ first things that you should learn are:

- creating ad deleting accounts
- sharing the​ disc space and​ bandwidth between your clients.

Reselling web-hosting services is​ a​ very competitive business and​ your success depends on the​ reliability of​ your dedicated server.

There is, also, the​ option to​ buy a​ Virtual Server account but this means that on the​ real server, there are hosted more virtual servers, and​ your services quality depends on your server neighbors. Do your best to​ rent a​ strong dedicated server with your web hosting reseller plan, if​ you want to​ impress your future customers.

You can get much more money from your clients if​ you split your resources to​ hundreds of​ small accounts. However, it​ is​ very difficult to​ keep under observation all the​ users and​ if​ you do not pay enough attention to​ this detail, all your customers will be disappointed and​ soon you fill find bad reviews about your services all over the​ internet.

Ask your company about the​ feature of​ hosting multiple domain names. Not all your clients will love to​ host their sites on a​ sub domain and​ you may lose the​ most important customers.

Check out the​ prices for​ customer support. it​ is​ useless to​ rent a​ server with a​ web hosting reseller plan at​ thousand miles away without having knowledge of​ server maintenance if​ you do not have specialized personnel to​ help you, at​ low prices of​ course.

And final suggestion: do not host on the​ same server both important clients and​ customers with free or​ cheap account. Many of​ the​ cheap account are opened for​ e-mail spam, search engine spam, adult or​ illegal content. in​ this case, all your customers will suffer the​ consequences.

Planning Your Web Hosting Reseller Plan

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