Planning Your Restaurants Layout And Floor Plans

Planning Your Restaurants Layout And Floor Plans

The layout and​ floor plans should also be based on the​ type of​ service that the​ restaurant will give. Fast food restaurants and​ self-service restaurants would need less distance between the​ tables since the​ food won't be served there. for​ other restaurants which provide table service, the​ space between the​ tables is​ very important so as​ to​ prevent too much clutter from happening in​ a​ specific part of​ the​ restaurant.

-Type of​ building

The layout plan is​ restricted by the​ type of​ structure where the​ restaurant will be built. You should be able to​ take into consideration all the​ different curves and​ the​ minor details in​ the​ structure before proceeding.


Proper lighting is​ very important for​ every restaurant. the​ lighting should be able to​ match the​ mood and​ the​ type of​ service of​ the​ restaurant. a​ relaxed atmosphere can be complemented by bright lighting while serene and​ serious moods can be accompanied by subtler shades.

Designing the​ restaurant will be divided into two important parts: the​ dining area and​ the​ production area.

The dining area is​ important because this is​ the​ essence of​ the​ structure of​ the​ restaurant. the​ people should be comfortable in​ eating in​ the​ restaurant and​ this will be determined as​ early as​ the​ designing phase. Studies have revealed that 50 percent of​ the​ time, people come in​ restaurants as​ pairs, 30 percent come alone while the​ remaining 20 percent usually come in​ groups.

The production area is​ the​ second major part of​ any restaurant. the​ main thing about the​ production area should be efficiency. the​ organization of​ the​ kitchen will determine the​ speed by which the​ food can be cooked and​ served. the​ production area design should take into consideration other things like space for​ storage, food preparation, baking, cooking, trash storage, production aisles, employee facilities and​ other such matters. Restaurant startup costs cannot be overlooked! Get $200,000 US Government Grants for​ new businesses. Claim your FREE $79 Gov Grant book!

In hiring design consultants, the​ restaurant owner should always remember to​ put a​ clause of​ confidentiality in​ the​ contract. This is​ to​ prevent the​ consultants from leaking certain parts of​ the​ design to​ other people, especially to​ the​ competitors. This can be as​ simple as​ a​ single-line clause which states that everything regarding the​ design will be owned by the​ client.

These are some useful things to​ remember in​ designing your restaurant. the​ most important thing to​ remember is​ the​ people who will be eating at​ the​ restaurant for​ they will be the​ ultimate lever of​ its success or​ failure.

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