Planning Your Custom Web Site Design

Planning Your Custom Web Site Design

With the​ ever-expanding popularity of​ the​ Internet comes e-commerce, the​ exploding trend of​ doing business on-line. Perhaps you have witnessed first- hand the​ infinite power of​ communication, information, and​ marketing afforded by this awesome tool.

But how do you get from the​ basic concept of​ your own web site- to​ a​ professionally designed site, up and​ running on your own domain? the​ following information may helpful.

Planning Your Web Site

Some questions you need to​ answer before developing your own custom web site design are:

Will it​ be a​ personal web site? Personal web sites usually focus on family and​ friends, or​ things such as​ hobbies, recent news, or​ “fun” things.

Will it​ be for​ conducting or​ promoting business? On the​ internet you will find an​ endless variety of​ business web sites, ranging from basic customer information type sites, to​ enormous ecommerce web sites like ebay or​ amazon.

These mega web sites require extensive inter-relational databases to​ enable the​ various aspects of​ the​ site such as​ on-line credit card purchasing or​ customer service forums to​ function properly, and​ track and​ record each transaction.

In addition to​ personal or​ business web design, there are educational sites, political or​ viewpoint sites, support or​ encouragement sites for​ any given subject, blog-type sites, and​ the​ list goes on.

Once you have decided what type of​ web site you want, it​ is​ necessary to​ develop a​ domain name. You should give much thought to​ this; the​ domain name should relate in​ some way to​ the​ subject of​ your web site. for​ instance, if​ you are selling baseball cards, a​ good name would be, or​ After deciding on a​ name, check with one of​ the​ online registries to​ find out if​ the​ name is​ available, or​ whether it​ has already been taken.

Solving Technical Obstacles

Once you have successfully selected and​ registered a​ domain name, you are ready to​ begin your own custom web site design.

Because many aspects of​ publishing a​ web page design can be very complicated and​ technical, you will most likely want to​ enlist the​ services of​ a​ web site design company. Especially if​ your site does on-line transactions. When credit card transactions are involved, your site needs to​ be secure in​ order to​ protect you and​ your customers.

A good web design will include aesthetic points, such as​ appearance and​ page loading times. if​ a​ page loads too slowly, potential customers may grow impatient and​ leave.

When it​ comes to​ a​ business web site, the​ more people you can get to​ visit the​ higher the​ chances for​ making a​ sale. How do you get the​ people visit your web site? By being high visible on the​ various search engines. This is​ accomplished through careful meta tag and​ keyword placement.

Once you get people to​ visit your site, keep them there with a​ user-friendly web site format; eye appealing, easy to​ maneuver, and​ professional looking, with interesting, up to​ date content.

Even with complex technical issues to​ deal with, there are many affordable design companies available to​ help you create just the​ right web site. for​ more information or​ a​ quote for​ services, visit

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