Plan Before Buying Rose Bushes

Plan Before Buying Rose Bushes

So, you have decided to​ plant rose bushes in​ your yard or​ on your patio, porch or​ balcony. Now all you have to​ do is​ go out and buy some bushes and plant them. Right? Wrong!!

There are several things that you have to​ decide before buying:

1. Where are you planning on planting?
2. Are you going to​ plant in​ the ground or​ in​ containers?
3. Do you want roses that are scented or​ unscented?
4. Do you want bushes, trees, climbers, vining or​ do you want them to​ grow into a​ hedge?
5. Do you want large, medium, small or​ miniature blooms?
6. Do you want roses for cutting?
7. What colors go best with your garden, patio, porch or​ balcony?

There are several types of​ roses, among them are:

Hybrid teas bloom frequently, are hardy, come in​ a​ wide range of​ colors, are well sented and are good for cutting for vases. The size of​ the blooms and the length of​ the stem depends on how they are pruned. They make the best long stem roses for cutting.
Hybrid perpetuals are seldom planted today as​ they have a​ limited color range and normally bloom less frequently. They are, however, quite hardy and have large well scented blooms. The "American Beauty" rose is​ from this category.
Grandifloras are a​ cross between hybrid teas and floribundas. The flowers are the same size and shape as​ hybrid teas, however they usually have an​ abundance of​ blooms on each stem. These roses are very popular for growing in​ containers.
Floribundas have slightly smaller flowers but are hardier, have a​ longer growing season in​ cold climates and yeild large numbers of​ flowers.
Polyanthas are small averaging just 18 inches in​ height. They are very hardy and produce large clusters of​ small flowers.
Miniatures average between 6 and 12 inches in​ height, carry small one inch or​ less blooms, are hardy and require little care. These make very good balcony container roses.
Climbers come in​ several types, Ramblers which are hardy, fast growing and can develope canes up to​ 20 feet long. Pillars are slower growing upright palnts that are well suited for growing on posts. Trailers are low growing easy to​ maintain plants good for covering banks and walls. Large Flowered Climbers are slower growing but have more showey flowers and are good for growing against fences and low walls. Hybrid Teas , Floribundas and Polyanthas can sometimes become climbers and have the same characteristics as​ the bushes.
Tree Roses can be developed from any type of​ rose. They are made by grafting a​ bush onto a​ long thick trunk. These look great on a​ patio or​ porch.
Shrub Roses are normally small, hardy fairly continuesly blooming bushes that can be used as​ hedge (hedges can grow to​ 5 or​ 6 feet and provide inexpensive privacy and color), thicket and trellis (trellis roses can add a​ beautiful accent to​ a​ yard or​ home entryway and can be made into an​ arch) roses. There are even varieties that can be used as​ ground cover on embankments or​ planted in​ hanging pots.

Today roses come in​ hundreds of​ varieties with new varieties being developed every year and in​ an​ almost limitless number of​ colors and color variations. it​ has been my experience, however, that usually the darker the color the heavier the scent. Most white roses seem to​ have no scent at​ all.

If you choose the right roses for the right place you can add beauty and elegance to​ any garden, patio, porch or​ balcony without spending large amounts of​ money or​ time.

For tips on what to​ look for when buying bare root roses see

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