Plain Sight Covert Hidden Cameras

Plain Sight Covert Hidden Cameras

One of​ the​ uniquely inconspicuous ways to​ use covert hidden cameras is​ by utilizing the​ book camera. it​ is​ a​ wireless system that contains a​ high quality CCD camera and​ it​ fits in​ virtually anywhere you want to​ put it. Stick it​ up on the​ shelf with all of​ your other books or​ put it​ in​ a​ stack of​ books on your desk or​ credenza. No one will be the​ wiser.

Let us say that you like to​ have music playing in​ the​ background where you work. it​ doesn’t matter if​ you like to​ listen to​ the​ radio or​ a​ CD player; there are boom boxes that contain covert hidden cameras that play both. With a​ line of​ site of​ up to​ seven hundred feet, this entertaining boom box can secretly keep an​ eye on what is​ happening and​ with four different channels available, you can run up to​ four units simultaneously. Whether you use it​ in​ the​ home or​ in​ the​ office, you will be sure keep your surveillance a​ secret.

Another clever way that covert hidden cameras are being used is​ in​ a​ special coffee mug. This item is​ ideal for​ interrogation rooms of​ law enforcement agencies, as​ well. the​ mug contains a​ tiny camera and​ video transmitter that automatically switches from color to​ black and​ white in​ low light situations. You can use up to​ four units at​ once and​ they are good for​ a​ range of​ up to​ one thousand feet depending upon the​ terrain and​ RF interference.

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